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Customer’s perception towards the service quality of Hyundai

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  1. Introduction
  2. Objectives of the study
  3. Data collection methods
  4. Analysis of the findings
  5. Satisfaction parameters
  6. Hypothesis
  7. Suggestions and implications
  8. Limitations of the study
  9. Annexure
    1. Questionnaire
    2. Recruitment criteria
  10. Classification
  11. Bibliography
  12. Conclusion

A detailed & systematic study on the customer relationship management with the sales process, product & after sales service for Hyundai Santro car was under taken in the Bangalore city on behalf of Advaith motors private limited. This survey was taken up to know about the customer relationship management with sales process, product & after sales service after the purchase of Hyundai Santro car. A survey designed to capture the relevant aspect of customers perception about the ambiance of the show room, sales man's attitude, product briefing, financial facility, test drive process, service schedule, cleanliness of the showroom, service persons attitude, over all service process, alternative models & product features so as to improve the company services in tune with the customers need & make the product & service best suited to them.

[...] ?Satisfaction towards the trust and care of the Hyundai service centre Chart 7. % Very Satisfied 22 Somewhat Satisfied 68 Neither satisfied nor 1 Dissatisfied Somewhat Dissatisfied 5 Very Dissatisfied 4 The respondents seem to have faith in the customer service offered by the service outlets of Hyundai. ?Satisfaction towards quality of service of Hyundai Chart 8. % Very Satisfied 17.33 Somewhat Satisfied 72 Neither satisfied nor 10.67 Dissatisfied Somewhat Dissatisfied Very Dissatisfied A TOP 2 BOX score of 90% suggests that even the satisfaction regarding the quality of service is at its utmost peak. [...]

[...] SHOWING THE CUSTOMER'S RANKING TOWARDS THE FULFILLMENT OF COMMITMENTS MADE DURING THE SERVICE PROCESS. Showing the relationship with the service provider. Chart 22. Ranking. No. % This table shows that out of 150 respondents customers felt the relationship was excellent felt it was good felt it was fair and customers felt that it was poor. The service advisor should make sure that the customers are satisfied with the service only then is it possible that the relationship is excellent. Graph 14. [...]

[...] Authorized Hyundai service 1 centers Nearby garage 2 IF YES CODED ABOVE THEN GOTO Q7, ELSE ASK Q 6.1 & 6.2 Q 6.1 You have said that you normally service your vehicle from the nearby garage. Could you please tell me why do you do so? Q 6.2 Please tell me if you have you ever visited a Hyundai authorized service centre, since you have bought your car? Yes 1 No 2 IF YES CODED ABOVE GOTO Q19 IF NO CODED GOTO CLASSIFICATION SECTION. [...]

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