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Reva: The Indian electric car

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  1. Company profile: Reva Electric Car Company
    1. Introduction
    2. Conception
    3. Inception
    4. Vision
    5. Objectives
    6. Location
  2. Industry profile
    1. Introduction
    2. Several firsts for the maini group
  3. Holistic growth with ethics and excellence
    1. Holistic growth
    2. Ethics
    3. Excellence
    4. RECC vision
    5. Mission
  4. Organization hierarchy
  5. Product profile
    1. Reva: India's first electric car
    2. Salient features of Reva
    3. Distinguishing features
  6. Reva's 1:10:100 policy
  7. Technology
    1. Overall/side impact
    2. Front/back impact
    3. Technical specifications
    4. Integrated power system
    5. Dimensions
    6. Technical components
  8. Pursuit of technology in research and development
  9. Customer care and total solutions
  10. Awards and recognitions
    1. Thomas Alva Edison award for innovation
    2. Swami Nathan award
  11. Reva in comparison with other evs in europe
  12. Human resource department
    1. Functions
    2. Recruitment
    3. Internal recruitment
    4. External recruitment
    5. Benefits of external recruitment
    6. Selection
  13. Training and development
  14. Safety
    1. Functions
  15. Finance department
    1. Introduction
    2. Functions
    3. Preparation of master budget
    4. Payment and cash management
  16. Production department
    1. Plant layout
    2. Objectives of plant layout
    3. Advantages of good plant layout
  17. Marketing department
    1. Mission
  18. SWOT analysis
  19. Finding and suggestions

REVA electric car company is a joint venture between the Maini group and AEVT Inc. of USA. Other companies, world leaders in their respective fields, have also partnered with Maini and AEVT to design and develop key components for the REVA. Today, Maini is a multi-product, multi-division organization with manufacturing processes ranging from precision components to in-plant material handling equipment, from granites to abrasives, international trading to ERP solutions providing.
A blend of western technology with expert Indian craftsmanship! That was the dream, S.K Maini, a visionary technocrat, set out to give shape to way back in 1973. It has been modeled on single zero principle, which means zero defects, zero delay, zero excuses and zero compromises.

Maini collaborated with world leaders like Abressa of Spain, Clark- blue giant of USA, DEXION of UK, STAKEHILL of, Hensel of Germany, HIAB of Sweden, STILL of UK to bring in the best of world technology to the Indian buyers. Today the Maini Group has on its client list global majors like GM, BOSCH, BT, MIC, OMR and 80% of corporate India which includes automobile, consumer goods, engineering, food processing and pharmaceuticals industries, among others, trust Maini. The client list features lead players like ABB, Crompton, Ford, Gujarat Guardian, L&T, Leyland, Maruthi Udyog, Nestle, Reliance, Telco.

[...] And a classic example of this cutting edge technology is the REVA, India's first electric car that is being exported to the U.K., U.S.A., Japan and Europe. SWOT ANALYSIS The strengths, constraints, opportunities, threats of REVA electric car company; Strengths: Good corporate image and strong brand equity created once a period time. Constituent company of well established Maini Group, which has created a niche for sophisticated light engineering products; involved in precision automotive components, automotive subassemblies, in-plant material handling equipment, granites and software having a unique blend of expertise in manufacturing and technology. [...]

[...] And a classic example of this cutting edge technology is the REVA, India's first electric car that is being exported to the U.K., U.S.A., Japan and Europe. ORGANISATION HIERARCHY The company is managed by a board consisting of directors who are noted personalities in their respective areas of specialization. The board, which consists of six members, meets frequently as per the statutory requirement and gives guidance to the committee of management. The committee of management is headed by the Managing Director who is reported by the vice president of marketing, operations, prototype development and general managers of export production, complete customer care, which assembly, R&D (both electrical and mechanical), Deputy general manager (vehicle testing), advisor R&D. [...]

[...] In order to popularize this concept the public institution should take a lead and demonstrate the use of electric vehicles in their large facilities by availing the subsidy given by the government. Also enlightened state governments like Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh have given certain exemption in their tax structure like road tax exemption for the first five years of the vehicles life and the sales tax exemption. The benefits would be multifold; User: cost effective electric vehicle with low acquisition cost, lower acquisition cost and lowest running cost of 40 paise/km or even less than that. [...]

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