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20th Century Fox- US

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Twentieth Century Fox celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2010; with creative marketing campaigns for the re- launch of DVDs of the films that produced the studio's finest moments. Twentieth Century Fox came to existence in 1935 as the result of the merger of Fox Film Corporation, founded by William Fox in 1915, and Twentieth Century Pictures, founded in 1933 by Darryl F. Zanuck. Located in the Century City area of Los Angeles this is one of the biggest American film studios in the US. It is a fully-integrated facility which can accommodate anything from a full-length feature to special events, sitcoms, commercials, music videos, still shoots.

The most preferred post production services in Hollywood today 20th Century-Fox is owned by Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation. It produces, acquires, and distributes News Corporation's big budget motion pictures. The company has to its credits top five highest grossing US movies of all time- Avatar and Titanic, which it co-produced with Paramount Pictures, The Star Wars franchise in another big money-maker for the studio which it distributed for Lucasfilm. Cinema accounts for 20-23% of the consolidated turnover of the group each year. The studio makes its profits from films of caliber.

Twentieth Century-Fox studios offer state-of-the-art post facilities with leading edge technology and the highest level of expertise. Twentieth Century Fox Film is a Hollywood institution, likely to produce its share of blockbusters always. The profitability of this company also depends on the marketability of their different products such as their revenue for TV networks.FOX Broadcasting Company, is the highest-rated broadcast network in the United States. Fox launched a few new series that proved to be powerful hits. 'Fringe' debuted to high ratings and critical acclaim during its first season. 'Glee' has formed a large loyal fan base which includes the President of the United States Barack Obama and Oprah Winfrey, who have each asked the cast to perform live for numerous national events. 2010 saw Fox getting its first ratings success for a live action comedy series with Raising Hope. A significant part of their turnover comes from DVDs. 'The Simpsons' is one of their best selling DVDs .Since 2007, DVDs have been released with Blu-Ray technology.

Since 2000, Fox studios also own 'Fox Music' which is Fox's music arm. It manages the music publishing and licensing businesses, dealing primarily with Fox Entertainment Group television and film soundtracks. Century plans merchandising of Avatar which has been their highest earning movie of all times. The fanfare for Fox Entertainment continues to spread to other countries like Europe, Australia, and parts of Asia. It is in India where, it is keen to involve in production of regional cinema.

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