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20th Century Fox- Global

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In 1935 ,Twentieth Century Pictures founded by Joseph Schenck and Darryl F. Zanuck in 1933 and Fox Film Corporation started by William Fox in 1915 merged together as 'Twentieth Century-Fox Film Production' . The production of the studio was headed by Zanuck for major part of 1935-1971. 1930s and 40s saw the Twentieth Century-Fox entertaining people with Westerns, musicals, screen biographies, and religious epics. Efforts were made to improve the standard of films and they started paying off with The Grapes of Wrath (1940), this is one of the best known movies of that time. After this several important social dramas were produced by 20th Century-Fox, which included Gentleman's Agreement (1947) and The Snake Pit (1948).Cinemascope, was introduced in 1953 by Twentieth Century-Fox with their feature film The Robe (1953). This made way for all motion-picture theaters following this trend. Marilyn Monroe the sex symbol of her time was bought to limelight by the Twentieth Century-Fox in 1946.

In the 1960's 20th century fox took the risk of implementing the blockbuster strategy which most other studios had abandoned, and it paid off with some of the best movies till date, one of them being "The Sound of Music". In the latter half of the 60's Twentieth Century Fox has set foot into the television industry, becoming one of the largest producers on TV. They earned a lot or revenue from all this to spend more on, lavish, big-budget movies which included Hello, Dolly, Dr. Dolittle to name a few. They also began to distribute their own feature films to television earning some of the best deals.

After going through a lot of ups and downs under the leadership of various people Australian media Mogul Rupert Murdoch stepped in to take charge of the company by initially buying half interest in the company and went on to buy the rest just in a span of few months. Twentieth Century Fox Film explored new products and positions such as the pay-per-view where customers could order new movies over the telephone for in-home viewing on their televisions. They launched new enterprises and new divisions such as an animation unit called 'Fox Animation Inc.'; in 1994, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, to distribute its video and interactive programming products. Twentieth Century Fox has subsidiaries in eighteen countries which include eleven countries in Europe and four in Asia and the South Sea islands through which they distribute films such as The Chronicles of Narnia and Avatar across the globe.

Fox has a film studio in Australia but there is no distribution company. Fox started a joint venture with STAR TV to producing films for the 'Bollywood market' and further planned to expand to several Asian markets. The company might face some problems due to the recent News Corporation scandal, but according to market sources- It will face it and come out stronger just as before. It has plans to make its mark on all related areas of the entertainment industry with the progress of technology as well.

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