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A Study on customer satisfaction towards Cipla products

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  1. Introduction
  2. An overview on customers' satisfaction in a competitive market
    1. Objectives of the study
    2. Scope of the study
    3. Background of the study
  3. Definition of customerisation
  4. Types of customer expectations that influence satisfaction
  5. Importance of regular research on customers' satisfaction
  6. Levels of customers' dissatisfaction
  7. Review of literature
  8. Operational definition of the concept
  9. Industry profile
    1. Health scenario in India
    2. The challenge for drug industry in India
    3. R&D scenario in India
  10. Company profile
    1. Origin
    2. The global presence
    3. Performance review
  11. Data analysis and interpretation
  12. Research methodology
  13. Suggestions
  14. Bibliography
  15. Conclusion

Satisfaction is an important element in the evaluation stage. Satisfaction refers to the buyer's state of being adequately rewarded in a buying situation for the sacrifice he has made. Once the customers purchase and use the product they may then either be satisfy or dissatisfied. Today's market is a highly competitive market with respect to all of its prospects like company could not sell their products at an attractive price and sales promotion strategies. Today's market is buyer oriented where the customer is considered the king. He has full power to choose the desired product according to his needs and wants. His preference is most important. Because of the huge competition, every manufacturer wants to survive in the market and earn profit. This is possible only when the products manufactured are according to the tastes and preferences of the customers and meet their expectations. Different customers have different perceptions because no two customers have similar wants and needs. Product with good features may attract a good number of customers because good feature suits the requirement of the customers. They make decisions based on their past experience and future contingencies. Hence the company needs to analyze the customer perception, which helps them in determining the various factors influencing consumers choice in buying.

[...] Contributions of our study include the analysis of behavioral consequences of customer satisfaction in the food retail sector, the accommodation of complexities in the satisfaction-sales performance links based on an empirical model of first differences, and a discussion of how managers can employ the results for customer satisfaction policies. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM Today's market is highly competitive market with respect of all prospects; company could not sell their products at an attractive price and by sales promotion strategies. Today's market is a buyer oriented where customer is considered as king. [...]

[...] Hence this project is to study the consumer satisfaction towards the product rendered by the organization to their customers. Objectives of the study: To know the various factors that influences the purchase of a product of the company. To check the satisfaction of the customer regarding services. To analyze the customer perception about the company To make an effective and efficient design and development process considering the present and future needs of customer. To find out how to enhance customer satisfaction by changing the product quality and its life cycle. [...]

[...] GRAPH # 4.12 GRAPH SHOWING THE CUSTOMER'S FAMILIARITY WITH CIPLA PRODUCT'S TABLE # 4.13 TABLE SHOWING CRITERIA ON WHICH THE PHARMA PRODUCTS ARE SELECTED PARTICULARS NO. OF RESPONDENTS PERCENTAGE Recommendation ANALYSIS : From above table we analyzed that 52% of the respondents believes that Doctors recommendation is the major factor which makes them to keep pharmaceutical products in their shop while the Brand name and profit margin factor stands at 18%. INFERENCE : Majority of the pharmaceutical products in the shop are based on the doctor's recommendation. [...]

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