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Actimel Advertising and Media's

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  1. Executive summary.
  2. Introduction and methodology.
  3. Background of the company.
  4. Market Analysis.
  5. Actimel's advertising strategy.
    1. Identifying of target audience.
    2. USP/Positionning.
    3. Articuling a message.
    4. Creating an advertisement.
    5. Communication.
    6. Media advertising.
  6. Criticism and recommendations.
  7. Bibliography.
  8. Appendices.

Nowadays, working on a discipline like advertising is not an easy task to achieve. Advertisers have to be more and more attentive to the competition which is very large, even in the business to business market. They have to do the difference, in a world where advertising bludgeoning is on every corner. That is why we thought, it will be a good example to work on Actimel campaigns. It seems to us to be a branch which knew how to manage its advertisement strategies. To mark out key tendencies of the environment in which Danone is to operate, the pre-biotic dairy market analysis was conducted along with examining of company's internal capabilities so as to identify its strengths and opportunities in order to benefit from and weaknesses and threats to overcome and remain market leader. In this paper all the stages of working out Danone Actimel's advertising strategy are carefully overviewed in the following order: identifying target audience, pointing out of USP, deciding on compromise between rational and emotional approaches, articulation relevant message and, finally, creation of an advertisement through implementation of Facets model of effective advertising. The media planning of Actimel will also be analyzed here to show how those ones are directed to achieve their advertising objectives and strategies. Special recommendations will be studied as we thought Actimel way of doing advertisement could be criticized and also as the company has to face a strong competition, we do not always agree with Actimel strategies.

[...] A recommended slogan could be: were the first and we continue to Finally, we think the advertising is not very memorable; so we thought it could be a good idea to change some stuffs on their ads like it should be focused not only on the benefits of the product but on consumers' life style, a recognizable jingle could be created. Bibliography Textbooks PICKTON, David & BRODERICK, Amanda. (2005) Integrated Marketing Communications, second edition, Prentice Hall, London WELLS, William, MORIARTY, Sandra, BURNETT, John. [...]

[...] Made from skimmed milk, sugar and the bacteria lactobacillus casei shirota. Each dose contains 6.5 bn bacteria - well over the recommended 1bn. As sugar is needed to keep this bacteria alive, the amount is relatively high - 4.8 g a serving. But very low in fat. Muller Vitality Per 100g: 75cals g fat, 1.48 /six. Though not on the bottle, the company says it contains 10bn bacteria, La-5 lactobacillus acidophilus Bb12 bifidobacterium. Includes inulin, a pre-biotic, to help the probiotics survive. [...]

[...] Sales had doubled by the middle of the bus campaign and were even more significant among respondents who were heavy consumers of outdoor The proximity advertising Even in the distribution, Actimel advertises its products. They organize free testing on stores and specific distribution lines. ?This is based on the principle that trying is believing.? They want to be seen and to be well recognized in stores. The specific way to distribute their product is a good tool to remain on the customer mind. [...]

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