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Amazon: Rewriting Global Retailing Format

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Apart from the US and UK, Amazon has separate websites in Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Japan, and China. It also provides international shipping to certain countries for some of its products. The product range remains similar for the countries it operates in.
Ireland - In 2008, Amazon opened a data center for its Elastic Compute Cloud buying the former 240,000 square meter Tesco warehouse in Dublin for this purpose. According to Netcraft, Amazon "makes up more than a third of all internet-facing web servers in Ireland" There is still no site but Amazon UK offers free delivery to Ireland on orders over £25. As the Euro is still fairly strong against Sterling, prices work out cheaper than buying in Ireland.

France- In 2010, the number of online shoppers reached a total of nearly 28 million, representing 72.5% of internet users, growing exceptionally in the first quarter of 2011. With the reigning economic crisis, buyers in France find purchasing online cheaper. Amazon France recently revealed a new lineup for budgeted Platinum Range games for Playstation 3.
Italy- In 2010, Amazon established its first dedicated website for Italy with more than two million Italian and foreign language books, more than 450,000 CDs and over 120,000 DVDs among others. It also offers those shopping via mobile phones a mobile-optimized version with free two to three-day delivery.
Germany-Amazon offers swift and efficient delivery for over a million German and English books, with good customer service and support. Best known for its huge range of well-priced books, it passes on big savings by negotiating bulk-order discounts from publishers. It also sells used books, which means more savings for the consumers.
Japan- Amazon Web Services LLC launched its new Asia Pacific (Tokyo) Region, offering support in Japanese. Amazon Japan Logistics is opening two new Japan logistics real estate fulfillment centers in Chubu and Tohoku. Despite a slow start, once Amazon adjusted its strategy to the unique institutional environment of Japan, its sales took off and allowed the company to enjoy the same success it had enjoyed in its home market.
China- took over for $75 million in 2004. The strategy is simple- Amazon is building its base in and around big cities as China still relies primarily on bicycles or motor scooters for delivery of online purchases. It also offers convenient payment options via electronic medium at all major domestic banks. China is now its fastest-growing overseas market.
Canada- Amazon has a Canadian site in both English and French. Till March 2010, operations were prevented by Canada's legal restrictions. Amazon's Canadian site originates in the United States, with agreement with Canadian establishments for distribution and shipping. In 2002, Canadian organizations created controversy with a ruling that Amazon's partnership with Canada Post represented an attempt to bypass Canadian law, but the litigation was dropped in 2004.
India- Amazon offers a new program called 'Super Saver' which will help save shipping charges on products. The product has to be purchased from Amazon UK, valued at over 25 pounds with delivery within 8-10 days, additional fee applicable for expedited shipping. Can this pose a challenge for Flipkart, the Amazon of India?
Australia- It seems Amazon's web-services team is readying a local data center to target big business cloud computing. Could this open the door for Amazon's shopping site to finally come to Australia?

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