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Analysis of the French Public railways company strategy

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  1. Why has the SNCF introduced the revenue management ?
    1. The specificities of the SNCF
    2. An increasingly competitive market
    3. The lack of capacities optimisation
    4. The revenue management, as an answer to customers' expectations
    5. Is the introduction of revenue management at SNCF realistic ?
  2. The different offers, adapted answers to each type of consumers ?
    1. The 'Business Class' customer
    2. The 'Leisure' customer
    3. The establishment of new strategic partnerships
    4. The failure of supplying well adapted products
  3. The key factors that enable the SNCF to maximize its profitability and keep a competitive strategy
    1. The capacity constraint and its management
    2. The impact of capacity management technologies on the maximization of profits for the SNCF
    3. The flexibility of the supply and the different level of services provided, a response to the perishability of the product, the uncertainty of demand and the segmentation of the market
    4. Following the evolutions of customer behaviour is the best way to be successful in the railway business

The SNCF (Société Nationale des Chemins de fer Français), the French Public railways company has implemented revenue management for the high speed trains. In this study, we will analyze the key factors to succeed in the railways business in relation to revenue management. To achieve this goal, we will examine the context and the environment where the SNCF evolves, and it's response to customers' expectations and requirements and finally highlight the keys factors for maximization of its profits.

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