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Analyze of the development of alternative fuels in France

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  1. Body
  2. How are the fuels sold in France?
  3. What are the elements that can develop the alternative fuels market?
  4. What will be the impact of the oil rate rise continuation on the fuels prices?
  5. What are the economical consequences of the development of the alternative fuels?
  6. What are the different actions that the government can do?
  7. How the energy producers and the distributors act in the alternative market?
  8. How customers act on the alternative market?
  9. What subsidiary is more likely chosen by the customer?
  10. What are the perspectives of the alternative fuels in 2010?

There are innumerable indicators in the economy. The indicator gaining prime importance is the sky rocketing oil prices. If we consider the present economy, everything is linked to oil. However, this product and its by-product is not available on planet earth in plenty. This gave rise to the development of alternative fuels by engineers. With this development, the subsequent questions that follow is whether these elements can compete with oil and how can they be developed in the future. In this paper, we will analyze the market and its new alternative fuels that will compete with the oil industry in France. The goal is to financially analyze how the French fuel market is progressing in France, and how the new fuels can be developed in a market which is exclusively controlled by the sky rocketing oil prices and in conclusion, the perspectives for 2010. Analyzing the French Market and its alternative fuels which are not completely developed is a Herculean task. The fact that explains the rise of alternative fuels (oil price, reserves) needs to be considered. ?Is the consumer interested in protecting the environment' is a mind-boggling question. This and many more reflections will form the base and its interpretations for this report.

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