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Audi: An analysis of the trends in the automobile market and revamp in the company policies to capture the UK markets

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"The German car production firm produces the Audi brand of cars. Based in Ingolstadt, Germany, the company is one of the premier car manufacturing units in the world. Right from sports cars to luxury car models, the company has been making great strides globally. It has established its markets in the United States and the United Kingdom as well. In its early days in 1964, the company was formed as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group. The launch of Audi 60 in 1965 was the reason behind the change of the company's name to Audi. This move was followed by the purchase of Auto Union assets by Volkswagen from Daimler-Benz, its past owner.
The beginnings of Audi can be traced to its founder, August Horch, who established the company under the name, Horch and Co, in 1899. The company's first car was invented in 1901. The company witnessed an immense growth in the initial years of its inception as it had to aid the state in its military purposes.
As a long standing company in the United Kingdom, the company recently planned to revamp its outlook by introducing new staff, assigning them with greater responsibilities in order to enhance sales operations. The company has created a position for the business development manager and a host of fleet sales managers in its sales territories.
The company is looking at developing a new structure that would ensure that long-term partnerships are established. There are also plans to appoint offices at several regions in order to closely monitor sales operations. These include working closely with local business development managers who are a part of the Audi Centre network in various regions across the UK.
The company's primary area of strength and focus is its ability to continuously build a brand that is sustainable and innovative in the long run. As it believes in its motto, ?Progress Through Technology,? it also communicates that when consumers are buying a car from their showroom, they are buying a brand that understands caters to demands for cutting-edge products. One important feature is that the company believes in consistency of its products, be it a car that is on sale in the US or the UK and insist that people must feel the same emotional driving experience throughout the world.

Apart from the above, the company also deploys several strategies to increase its market share and achieve its goals. One significant initiative was that the company decided to switch its slogans in order to offer more credibility as they have increased their market share in the recent years. It aims to ?delight customers worldwide? by becoming the biggest brand by 2020. "

[...] SWOT Analysis: The SWOT Analysis of the Audi group includes a detailed analysis about the functioning and the operations of the company. This outline includes the company's overview, business account, monetary ratios, important facts, knowledge about the products and the services, information about the company locations as well as the current news events having its affect on the business. This SWOT analysis is an important source of knowledge about the company and its business and is much essential for any industry executive or anyone who want to have a clear perceptive of the business scenario of the brand. [...]

[...] Marketing & Promotional Strategies: In addition to the manufacturing of the excellent automobile machines, the company also adds its contribution towards the entertainment industry. The Company has its own Audi TV Channel, a digital satellite channel, which started operating in 2005. It has been made available through satellite antennas in the United Kingdom as well as Ireland, and the world population can view it through the internet. It has also become a part of its marketing and promotional strategy. The channel provides information on the Audi Cars, user manuals, testimonials as well as conversations with different celebrities, significant features, comprehensive product reviews, and recent news on the new products as well as live sporting actions reports. [...]

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