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Barclays' - well established market space in UK

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"John Freame and Thomas Gould, one fine day, started off trading as goldsmiths in London which was the day when the seed of ?Barclays' was planted. It was back then in 1690. Barclay who was Fream's son-in-law joined the company in 1896 and this was the date when the Barclay PLC was founded. At the same time, company collaborated and partnered with 19 other industry players and opened 182 branches country-wide. The great story of Financial Services which had to reach the world just began!

No later than 1926, the company already was functioning through 1,837 branches only in UK. Headquartered at London , UK and present in all major cities like Birmingham, Bristol, Glasgow, London, Jersey, Manchester, the company is progressing leaps and bounds. It has taken numerous initiatives and launched various new-to-the-world products and services ranging from introducing the world's first ATM to launching the country's first credit card.
Barclays listed as BARC.L on London Stock exchange has a market capitalization of £ 17.19b and a P/E ration = 692.31. It faces tough competition from JPMorgan Chase & Co (Market Cap. = £ 133.35b), HSBC Holdings PLC (Market Cap. = £ 87.98b) and Standard Chartered PLC (Market Cap. = £ 31.68b).

Careers at Barclays, UK offers extensive career opportunities to people coming from different educational backgrounds. It also provides Share-purchase schemes to its employees wherein employees can buy shares of the company via lump sum or monthly payments. Apart from it, the employees are also entailed with all kinds of fringe benefits like holiday plans, performance-linked pays, and health benefits, from a statistical point of view, 1600 jobs in year 2010 have been created only in UK.

Key facts on UK lending:

In the first half of 2011, Barclays has; supported more than 50,000 business start-ups and provided over £20bn of total new lending to UK businesses, inclusive of £7bn to small and medium business (SME)

It will also generate a huge number of employment opportunities. The company has taken out a fund of £100 million for the farmers in UK for investment in renewable energy which will ultimately help in massive cost-cutting. It will also generate a huge number of employment opportunities. Looking at the precarious social condition affected by riots, Barclays is supporting customers on an urgent basis. They have opened different help-lines for their different customers and doing all what they can and even more to help them.

In the wake of ring-fenced model proposed by the Independent Commission on Banking (ICB) in UK, Bob Diamond (Chief Executive, Barclays BANK) warned that any such measure will impair the abilities of banks to provide credit services to the borrowers segment in UK markets. At the same time, he also mentioned that Barclays will work within the purview of reforms and has worked in tandem with Sir John Vickers, who is leading the ICB.

Will Barclay be able to run its operations in UK smooth enough despite the stringent banking regulations? What measure it will take to achieve the same?

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