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Blogs: uses and value added service for the companies

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  1. Company Presentation of Decathlon
    1. The company
    2. Justification for the choice-SBA
    3. Logistics
  2. Environment of Decathlon
    1. Current market situation of sports
    2. The environment at Decathlon
  3. The sectoral analysis
    1. Competitive forces
    2. Strategic Groups
    3. The different strategic positions
    4. Generic strategy
  4. Defining Key Success Factors
    1. Managerial Expertise
    2. Marketing Expertise
    3. Products
  5. Strategic Analysis
    1. Internal factors
    2. External Factors
    3. Analysis of Strengths - Weaknesses - Opportunities - Threats
    4. Analysis

The weblog is a personal website on which the user publishes links to information, articles that he has written his comments on current events, puts up photos or publishes any other topic that is close to his heart. The first blog appeared in 1997 within some communities of individuals who used it for communication. Since then, the blog has become a phenomenon, and has now multiplied to represent millions of online publishers.

This figure is enough to justify the takeover by the industry, with production services and paid hosting of weblogs. But the phenomenon also greatly interested companies, especially marketers. The audience of some weblogs faced incredible achievement, by the power that this new medium offered as an advertising medium.

On what foundation is the enthusiasm of both media and commercial enterprises for this new "technology" of communication based? What is the position of firms faced with the arrival of these blogs? In the first part, we will study the concepts that are based on blogs, then we will present the actors involved and the uses of blogs and finally we will show the advantages and disadvantages for a company that uses blogs.

To better understand the logic of the market supply Weblog professional, it is important to understand the ingredients that made it a success. This is because of the reputation among the general public that the Weblog has been extended to the business world.

Such success has been possible thanks to an innovative concept that surfing on a background of strong democratization of the Internet.

The key concepts of the blog are: the free; the immediacy, the content can be updated immediately; and as many times as you want. Simplicity, technical knowledge is not required some knowledge of the Internet is enough. Interactivity, we can talk and interact with a multitude of people. A packaged offer, design and hosting are the same.

The number of suppliers has experienced over the past two years, an exponential growth. And for good reason, in July 2005, the U.S. firm Pew Internet & American Life listing 4 Million Blogs (8 times more than in June 2004). The latest estimates, there are now just over 5.5 million blogs and a blog is created every 6 seconds.

The blog has become in recent years a social phenomenon and rare are the people who do not. But who are the market?

In the market for blogs, one must distinguish between the general public and the professional world.

It is the consumer market has driven the blog this real growth momentum. Its simplicity has allowed anyone to publish photos on the Internet, critics and even some privacy. It is the true heir to the personal web site.

Considering the figures, the growth of blogs is not so surprising, it is simply correlated with the increase of Internet users. Indeed, in addition to becoming indispensable in the workplace, the Web has also become an indispensable part of households (20% have a computer with an Internet connection and an Internet connection 10%).

But this growth of the blog is almost exclusively reserved for the general public and is based on different vendors currently popular in France.

Found in the first Skyrock Blog Free French leader. Skyrock is the FM radio for young people 13 to 24 years and brings together more than 4 million listeners daily. Blogs hosted by radio rather intend therefore to an audience of young. Indeed, Skyblogs and are a reflection of the radio: the first generation electronic community.

The operation is very simple. Knowing that their targets are young, it offers a free weblog. Simply register and you can immediately create a blog. Young people have grown up with Internet and have gained control with ease of the internet. Thus the skyblog became for some time a mass phenomenon, it has 5 million blogs, 3500 blogs are created daily and are harvested over 8 million comments a day.

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