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Body Shop at UK

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"The Body Shop UK has been one of the best performing units in terms of the cosmetic industry. This company has challenged the predefined norms of functioning and made way for a newer style in corporate functioning. The first Body Shop outlet was opened in Brighton in the year 1967. Since then, it has experienced tremendous growth by leveraging on the needs of the industry and making the necessary changes. Rather than concentrating on the English market, the company opened many outlets around the world; this was an attempt to expand its business beyond the usual boundaries. The first Body Sop outlet was opened in Brussels in the year in 1978. This was immediately followed by opening other branches in Australia and Canada. The company opened the community trading programs in the year 1986, in a quest for helping the downtrodden communities. The body shop has worked at the development of the products like Cocoa, Jojoba oil and other products that is popular throughout the world.

Body Shop has been maintaining a steady growth rate throughout which is a measure of the efficiency of the company's resources. The company has been facing some problems off late due to the unstable financial situation prevalent in them. The company has to restructure the formation of the products that contain aloe vera because of the unstable political situation in the country of Guatemala. The same can be said about the production problems it faced in the products that use nut oil due to the political situation on Peru; also the fall of the pound in the international market ensured that there is a higher exchange price for the product. This has further led to a dent in the company fortunes.

In case of the strengths of the product can be said that the product has very prominent brand image along with the financial backing of L'Oreal. This will result in an increased efficiency in the functioning of the company. There has also been an increased awareness in terms of the products used, which has created a situation wherein the expertise needed is high. The growth has been increasing at an average rate of around five percent from the first year; the growth rate has been hit by the increased competition from other international brands as well as aggravated brand awareness. The company also espoused the cause of the weaker sections of the society by looming at various ways in which communities can be supported. Over all, the company is expected to grow significantly in the next few years owing to the situation that warrants the presence of a strong lifestyle cosmetic brand. "

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