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Brasseries Kronenbourg: 1664

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  1. Presentation of the company.
    1. Main facts.
    2. History of the company.
    3. The different strategies of Kronenbourg.
    4. The different brands and partners brand of Kronenbourg.
  2. The product strategy of the brand.
    1. The positioning.
    2. The product range.
    3. The product innovations.
    4. The packaging innovations.
  3. The communication strategy.
    1. Advertising strategy.
    2. The line communication strategy.
    3. Lobbying.

We have chosen the beer 1664 because it is the most famous beer of the brand Kronenbourg, which is the leader of the French beers market. Kronenbourg is an international company which offers lagers, white and amber beers to brown ale, as well as non-alcoholic beer, shandies and cider. Brasseries Kronenbourg is the leader of the French market with 40% of the market shares and with over 8.5 million hectolitres per year.Kronenbourg is active in every segment throughout the country and it realises a net annual sales of 850 millions euros. Nearly 70% of sales are in the off-trade sector (shops and supermarket) and 30% in on-trade (cafés, bars, pubs). Moreover, 5% of sales are exported. The two production sites, Obernai (capacity 6Mhl) and Champigneulles (3 Mhl), employ 1,900 persons.

[...] To bring out the full flavour of the hops, Brasseries Kronenbourg uses the Dry Hopping process, whereby the hops are added at the end of the brewing process. Freshly picked female flowers are added to the beer and left for 48 hours. Christmas Beer It is possible to drink this beer between the 15. November and the 30. December. The 1664 Christmas Beer is a beer with a thick, creamy head, an amber body and a rich caramel and hop-flower flavour. [...]

[...] Brasseries Kronenbourg has developed different kinds of packaging over the years, all doing the job of protecting the beer and informing the consumer. Glass Glass is the material most commonly used for beer as it doesn't react with the contents in any way and is fully recyclable. The bottles they use are made 60% with recycled glass. Glass is such a versatile material and they have come out with a number of highly attractive designs for the bottles. The slimline 1664 bottle, for example, first appeared in 1994 and won a packaging oscar for its design, featuring the brand's four numbers engraved at the bottom of the bottle. [...]

[...] The target of 1664 is the public of this meeting and the responsible of the sales points. The objective of 1664 is to increase the fame and the legitimacy of the brand and to show the hand-made of the brand in order to increase the listing and the traffic in the local sales points involving them in the mechanism of animation during the event. The concept is organized with the decoration of the sales point with the 1664 brand, animation and treasure hunt for the public with 16 actors is also on ?Printemps de Bourges? by Pression Live and it offers 5000 musics live and 2000 Cds of the concerts. [...]

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