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Business Plan: Delivery Service for Customers

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  1. Executive summary
  2. Business description
    1. Business idea
    2. The mission, goals and objectives
    3. Legal structures and issues
  3. Marketing
    1. Marketing trends
    2. Customers
    3. Competitors
    4. Strategy
  4. Resources
    1. People and management
    2. Restaurant partners
    3. Premises and associated costs
    4. Equipment
  5. Finances
    1. Sales expectations
    2. Expenditures
    3. Balance sheet and financial statements
  6. Conclusion

Starting a new business course gave me the opportunity to work on a business plan. I have always been attracted by challenges and creating a company is clearly motivating. After studying many concepts such as multi-cultural fast-food restaurant, and online fast-food, I decided that the best concept would be to concentrate in one place a delivery service for customers who want to eat meals from new cultures. Recent studies about the French food consumption habits have shown new opportunities in the catering industry. My objective is to take advantage of these consumption changes to set up my business.

The company name I chose is Home-Resto. It refers to the idea of the restaurants at home. It also illustrates our concept: meals from well-knows restaurants delivered to your home. My company will be located in Lyon. The population of this city has a high income per capital, and corresponds to the profile of the ideal target for my business. The city is big enough in terms of population and no direct competitors already exist. We will have the advantage as the first establishment.

Our target audiences are the students and the young executives living downtown. Lyon is a popular city for students; there are a lot of universities and schools. The business district welcomes many big companies who employ thousands of young executives. Our customers target will agree to pay more for high quality service. I plan to provide a premium service for what people will pay more. This premium service will be based on the quality of the product and on the delivery time that should not exceed 30 minutes.

Competitors are going to be numerous. First of all, there is the competition within the catering industry itself. Classic restaurants will continue to attract a lot of potential customers. Then there are the classic companies that deliver meals such as pizzas and to finish, the potential of new entrants will be high. The concept of our company has already been tested in several cities other than Lyon.

To set up this business, a starting investment of 35.000 Euros will be required. After the first year of activity, my sales will be about 820.274 Euros, increasing by an average 12% per year. My benefit at the end of the first year is expected to be 55.000 Euros. Our bank account in August 2014 should amount to 393.000 euros.

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