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Business Plan Gourmet and specialty food expo planning and execution Non-profit management

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  1. Executive summary
  2. General company description
  3. Products and services
  4. Marketing plan
  5. Operational plan
  6. Management and organization
  7. Personal financial statement
  8. Startup expenses and capitalization
  9. Financial plan
  10. Appendices
  11. Refining the plan
  12. Works cited

We aim to be a non-profit non-governmental agency that specializes in the organization and execution of specialty food exhibitions and trade shows. With an emphasis on workplace diversity, we also intend to write a manual every year filled with successful strategies for implementing and maintaining a thriving, diverse workspace for all. Our business will be run by our three executives and a board of directors. Each of our executives comes from the specialty food industry and seeks to make a more wide-ranging successful food trade show and exhibition for industry professionals and everyday consumers alike. These conference showings will feature a diverse array of specialty foods, not limiting distributors or buyers to a niche area as many conferences do. Instead, our goal is to open up the world of specialty food, including shows on all six continents, displaying cuisine and treats from around the world. Our largest long-term goal is a conference exhibition in South Africa, a vibrant market that is being overlooked.

[...] We will organize gourmet and specialty food conventions and trade shows around the globe, on six continents, and will include educational aspects for children and families as part of our conference outreach. We also will strive for a diverse workplace through specific recruitment and management styles to be published in an annual report for others to learn from our inclusive model. Mission statement: A not-for-profit, non-governmental association, we provide the most comprehensive food and hospitality exhibitions in the greater Northwest. [...]

[...] We believe that while the specialty food industry is growing and successful, a non-profit model of this same business will take longer to return profit. XII. REFINING THE PLAN Our loan application is for the amount of $75,000. We are prepared to accept less but believe this figure will provide a solid footing for the first two years of our operation. Our loans will be repaid in several ways. As we receive grants, we will be able to funnel some of this money towards loan repayment. [...]

[...] The exhibit hall spaces will always accommodate wheelchair users for spatial needs, and many of our exhibitions will be accessible to the hearing or visually impaired due to the nature of food presentation and conference accessibility. Each conference center should be equipped with adjacent parking facilities, whether it be a lot or garage. Our locations can be lacking public transportation access, but they should be within one hour of a major airport and off major interstates, freeways, or highways to prevent conference organizers and attendees being lost in unfamiliar locations. [...]

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