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Can auto industry benefit from Formula 1?

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  1. Introduction
  2. System U, a cooperative group
    1. The evolution of System U
    2. The concept of independent traders associated with System U
    3. Being associated with System U
  3. Maintaining an effective network
    1. The networking strategy in the French territory
    2. Logistics organization of System U
    3. The offer of specific products stores U
    4. The common image of U stores
  4. The new face of System U since 2003
    1. A new direction for new objectives
    2. A new logistics
    3. Creating an image
    4. Strengths and Weaknesses of System U
  5. Conclusion

This paper attempts to assess the degree of closeness between Formula 1 and the automotive industry. It also shows the limits of complementary attitudes between them. This document is in the form of an essay that discusses if Formula 1 is a valuable ally of the automobile industry. It also discusses the limitations of the complementary attitude between Formula1 and the automotive industry.

Since the early twentieth century, Formula 1 has been a sport in its own, highly recognized and enjoying a reputation that is out of the ordinary. This is motor sport, racing cars that are deemed most efficient in the world. For years, the Formula 1 remained confined to a closed environment exclusively for athletes and enthusiasts. Today, and this is a subject of interest, everyone can have access to Formula 1.

Originally, the construction of Formula 1 was reserved for some crafts manufacturers who are, today, primarily automotive manufacturers who built Formula 1 like Renault, BMW, Honda and Toyota etc.

The democratization of Formula 1 comes between another, because the international fleet exploded during the last fifty years. This increase has created a passion for automobiles and thus later for Formula 1.

The democratization of Formula 1 and the rapid increase of cars are related. Thus, it can be seen that the auto industry has experienced a strong growth in the late twentieth century. Thus, one may wonder how the auto industry can benefit from Formula 1.

The following questions have been answered in the course of this document. What influence has the Formula 1 had on the auto industry?

Tags: Formula 1, the automotive industry, Formula 1's influence on the auto industry

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