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Combating a Coffee crisis: Starbucks strengthens its semblance

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  1. Starbucks itself was a small local business on the west coast.
  2. Organizations as Oxfam and Global Exchange are doing research into the coffee buying practices of the Starbucks Corporation.
  3. One of the best ways to combat an organizational crisis is to use image restoration techniques.
  4. Another way that Starbucks is reshaping its image.
  5. Starbucks is digging into its large pool of loyal customers to show that they have been a trusted business.
  6. The final and possibly most important topic that affects the consumer is the actual language.

Coffee is an essential part of the morning for many people in America and all around the world. For some people, not having that morning cup of coffee can mean the difference between a productive day at the office, and a miserable day filled with sleepiness and aggravation. As Americans, when the topic of coffee is brought into a conversation, most people have a particular place or brand to which they are unfailingly loyal. Some of us choose Dunkin Donuts, others choose Starbucks, and many more choose their own favorite local coffeehouse. According to the capitalist principles that America was founded on, small coffee businesses should thrive and be able to compete with the corporate giants like Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts, but unfortunately, many local coffeehouses are being put out of business by the sometimes unethical policies and practices of Starbucks.

[...] Also, the average $ 1.20 per pound that Starbucks paid for that coffee was because it was fair trade coffee, which requires a minimum price, and according to the Starbucks Corporation, only of its coffee last year was fair trade certified (2007b). Putting this kind of information out in public had done damage to Starbucks' formerly flawless reputation. It seems as though Starbucks was suffering a bit of an organizational crisis. One of the best ways to combat an organizational crisis is to use image restoration techniques. [...]

[...] According to Andrea Perera of Oxfam America in her article entitled Starbucks Campaign: Anatomy of a Win, recognizing Ethiopia's intellectual property rights, Starbucks could give poor farmers a chance to earn a greater share of the profits? (2007). This statement points out the fact that the Ethiopian coffee farmers might not even earn a greater share of the profits. Starbucks never even takes into account the fact that the coffee farmers might never actually see any more money, just because they now have the rights and patents for their specialty coffee brands. [...]

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