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The Starbucks management

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  1. Introduction.
  2. Company SWOT analysis.
    1. Strengths.
    2. Weakness.
    3. Opportunities.
    4. Threats.
  3. Environmental scan.
    1. Market.
    2. Competition.
    3. Political.
    4. Environmental policies.
  4. Innovation and new markets.
  5. Current company strategies.
  6. Conclusion.

The Seattle-based coffee company called Starbucks has been dominating the coffee industry all over the world. With its business running for more than a decade now, Starbucks has become a household name through its popularity in its stores worldwide. Starbucks has elevated the standard of coffee by turning it from a coffee drink to a coffee experience. The company earned its worldwide fame through their strategy of revolutionizing the world of coffee drinking. Their efforts became a huge success. The company expansion has been speaking of its achievements; for today, Starbucks has 15,011 stores scattered in different parts if the world.

[...] Threats A looming threat to the growth of Starbucks is the plans of expansion by food company giants like McDonald's. Recently, there have been reports that McDonald's plans to expand its offerings by including gourmet coffee and by putting up coffee bars in its branches (?McDonald's Elbows Starbucks Out Of The In an article written by Andrew Wilkinson for the Forbes Magazine, Wilkinson said: Elsewhere McDonald's has used global branding and great strategy to penetrate the Middle Eastern and Asian markets at twice the rate at which it's growing global sales. [...]

[...] Another strategy according to the company is: Shultz is pushing for a return to his original vision of Starbucks with a highlight on premium coffee, and a customer focus. This also means changing the machines that are used to brew the coffee. Starbucks announced on Wednesday the acquisition of The Coffee Equipment Company and its Clover brewing system (?Starbucks Enhances Coffee ?Experience'?). But the key strategy that will come into play for the Starbucks company is when Schultz was reported to reassume his position in the grand latte chain as chief executive to spin the wheels back to where the company goals should be directed: people company, serving coffee.? Conclusion In spite of the setbacks the company has faced throughout the years, Starbucks has maintained to be at the top spot for coffee consumers. [...]

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