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A comprehensive assessment of the viability of operating an online gaming business in China

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  1. Introduction.
  2. Market Size.
  3. Disadvantages.
  4. Resources.
  5. Disadvantages.
  6. Advantages.
  7. Regulations and Procedures.
  8. Disadvantages.
  9. Advantages.
  10. Risks.
  11. Disadvantages.
  12. Advantages.
  13. Conclusions.

Researchers examining the overall variables that can impact the success of new businesses note that there are a host of variables that can impact overall success (Daniels, Radebaugh & Sullivan, 2004). In particular, market size, resources, regulations and procedures and risks must all be considered when determining whether or not to start a new business. With the realization that these variables are so important to business success, they must be examined when making a final decision with respect to staring a new business.In an effort to provide a comprehensive assessment of the viability of operating an online gaming business in China, this investigation considers the issues of market size, resources, regulations and procedures and risks. Specifically, the advantages and disadvantages of these issues will be examined to provide a more integral understanding of the challenges facing entrepreneurs in this area. In addition to examining the impact of these variables, the investigation also ties together the cultural, economic, political and legal issues that have been previously discussed. Through a synthesis of all of this research, it will be possible to make a formal recommendation about the viability of staring an online gaming business in the host country of China.

[...] In particular, organizations need to asses the materials that will be necessary to make the operation work and the overall availability of these resources in the target country. Organizations may be able to effectively run a business in a host country, but if the resources for startup are not present, the organization may find it difficult to get operations off the ground. With this in mind, the disadvantages and advantages of resources for online gaming in China must be explored. [...]

[...] Disadvantages In order to understand the resources necessary for operation of an online gaming operation in China, it is first helpful to consider the resources used by current companies operating in this market. According to a report published by Analysis International (2005) Online gaming operators are at the front end of the industrial chain, and mainly control the interactive interface and channels with users. [ ] With stiffer market competition in the forefront, leading companies' choices are to expand business contents and market potential in order to avoid the risk brought by low-tide industry period. [...]

[...] Disadvantages Considering the bureaucratic problems that can arise in the context of establishing an online gaming organization in China, Becker (2004) reports that there are a host of regulatory issues that must be addressed by the organization. In particular, Becker notes that, a set of intricate filing and approval requirements you have to deal with Maneuvering these approvals and licenses is a big reason why foreign companies need a good local partner? (Online-game This author goes on to note that, ?Government censorship imposes further restrictions for any content that pushes cultural or political boundaries? (Online-game As such, organizations wishing to conduct business in this industry in China need to take these issues into consideration when developing a business plan. [...]

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