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A look at organizational development

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  1. Introduction
  2. Definition of organization development
  3. The growth and relevance of organization development
  4. Managerial innovation of organization development
  5. Managing the organization development process
  6. Diagnosis, action and program management
  7. Six box model
  8. Defining the client-relationship system
  9. Action research and the organization development process
  10. Themes of organization development process
  11. Conclusion

Organization development is a planned process of change in an organization's culture through the utilization of behavioral science technology, research, & theory-Warne Burke. It is an effort planned, throughout the organization, & managed from the top to increase the organization's effectiveness & health through planned interventions in the organization's processes, using behavioral science-knowledge. Researchers argue that organizations are in the midst of unprecedented uncertainty & chaos, & nothing short of a management revolution, can save them. The three major trends that are shaping change in organizations are globalization, information technology, & managerial innovation.

[...] The formal / informal distinction, i.e., what's supposed to happen versus what's really happening, is a powerful element of OD practice theory & one of the secrets to understanding organizational dynamics. Marvin Weisbord recommends a thorough diagnosis, looking at multiple boxes, before choosing intervention. Third Wave Consulting 10 years after 6 box model, Weisbord wrote a title ?Toward Third Wave Managing & Consulting.' Here, he reconsidered diagnosis & intervention. ?Third Waves' refers to the assertion by futurist Alvin Toffler that the world has progressed through the agricultural revolution. [...]

[...] OD is a systematic process of data collection, diagnosis,action planning, intervention & evaluation aimed at enhancing congruence among organizational structure, process, strategy, people &culture; developing new & creative organizational solutions; & developing the organization's self-renewing capacity. It occurs through the collaboration of organizational members working with a change agent using behavioral science theory, research & technology.-Michael Beer. The Growth & Relevance of OD Researchers argue that organizations are in the midst of unprecedented uncertainty & chaos, & nothing short of a management revolution, can save them. [...]

[...] These action plans are OD interventions specifically tailored to address issues at the individual, group, intergroup or organizational levels, as well as issues related to selected processes. 3rd step consists of fact finding about the results of the actions. Did the actions have the desired effects? Is the problem solved or the opportunity achieved? If the answer is yes, organization members move on to new & different problems & opportunities. If the answer is no, the members initiate new action plans & interventions to resolve the issue. [...]

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