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A proposal for improving the existing strategic quality management framework that is already in place in GE

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  1. Introduction.
  2. Background on General Electric.
  3. Assessment of Culture.
  4. Alignment of the Five P's.
  5. Training Issues.
  6. Communication.
  7. Team Development.
  8. Process Documentation.
  9. Quality Awards.
  10. Benchmarks.
  11. Measurement of SQM Success.
  12. Success and Failure.
  13. Publicity of Success.
  14. Conclusion.

The central goal of this investigation is to provide a strategic quality management (SQM) implementation plan for an organization. General Electric has been selected as the organization most in need of this type of program. Although the organization has a long history of implementing Six Sigma as a means to improve operations, changes in upper management in the organization have impacted the impact of this program on the organization. With this in mind, this investigation will provide a brief overview of the current situation at General Electric. With this background in place, a proposal for improving the existing strategic quality management framework that is already in place in the organization will be developed. Through this proposal, General Electric should be able to improve operations and once again maximize its efficiency and productivity.
Background on General Electric
A precursory overview of the General Electric organization demonstrates that notable problems have developed for the company in recent years. Gunther (2004) reports that when Jeffrey R. Immelt took over as CEO of the GE organization in 2001, the company experienced a number of setbacks.

[...] Lee (2004) contends that ?Corporate innovation and Six Sigma go hand in hand if the methodology is fully utilized? (ISSSP session As such, it is possible for GE to adhere to a culture of innovation that allows for some degree of strategic quality management though the application of Six Sigma. Examining how innovation and Six Sigma can exist simultaneously in the organization Lee goes on to examine the specific Six Sigma/innovation techniques that are being used at 3M. According to this author, 3M has a new product introduction process in place that enables the organization to ?derive innovative ideas.? Once these ideas are derived, Sigma provides the rigorous methodology to ensure that development does not flag. [...]

[...] Members of the organization will be allowed to use this information to further spur development and innovation in the organization. In addition, the achievement of quality awards in the organization will be celebrated with both organizational and community recognition?i.e. awards for employees and information provided to the local press about the success of the organization. Conclusion The process of strategic quality management is one that carries with it a number of notable challenges. This is especially true for the GE organization. [...]

[...] In this instance, the organization should consider creating a communication flow chart to establish protocols for information flow. Team Development Two types of teams will be used for the development of this strategic quality management framework. Departmental teams will be used to collect specific data on product or customer data. Each department will be in charge of specific metrics for product development. How team members are organized will remain the discretion of the department's management. In addition to departmental teams, the organization will also need to develop interdepartmental teams. [...]

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