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A study on the production, package, distribution and merchandizing process in Himalaya International Pvt Ltd (Egypt) (Garment industry)

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  1. Introduction
  2. Company profile
    1. Work force
    2. Range of products
    3. Capacity
    4. Clienteles
  3. Process flow of apparel manufacturing for production
    1. Warehouse/store
    2. Fabric stock
    3. Sample fabric
    4. Trimming accessories
    5. Button sample
    6. Zipper sample
    7. Thread sample
  4. Finance department
    1. Providing management information
    2. Budgeting
    3. Garment costing
  5. Administration, planning department, production scheduling and pre-production meeting
  6. Sampling department
    1. Flow chart of sampling department
    2. Pattern making
    3. Paper pattern
  7. Cutting department
  8. Production process
  9. Sewing section
  10. Washing department
  11. Pressing section
  12. Shipping department
  13. Introduction of merchandising
    1. Merchandising processs
    2. Merchandiser
    3. Typical work activities
    4. Role of a merchandiser
    5. The responsibility of a merchandiser
    6. Types of merchandisers in an apparel industry
  14. Conclusion, recommedation and suggestions
  15. Bibliography

Himalaya is located in the heart of Egypt, the land of Pharaohs and Cleopatra in a public free zone of Nasr City. Himalaya International was born on June 1999, and Christened on 21st December 1999 with an authorized and paid up capital of US 2.00 $ million. The land of Pharaohs and Cleopatra is blessed with no quota restriction, which is why the country is quota free. The government of Egypt is anticipating that U.S.A will treat Egypt as one of the most favored nation that is sanction duty free status for Egyptian products.

At present the company has 700 employees equipped with 413 machines as per a separate list attached. Himalaya International strives for the highest quality standards and timely deliveries, hence efficient and experienced personnel management is required in all aspects of production and quality. The senior management and department managers are from India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Egypt. The rest of the employees are Egyptians. Himalaya is capable of manufacturing all types of textile wear with bottoms as their forte. Currently, it produces Pants, all types of Shorts, shorts for men, women, boys, and girls and children.

[...] Button sample Zipper sample Thread sample FINANCE DEPARTMENT The finance department is responsible for managing all the financial and administrative affairs of the company and has a very important influence on the menu of the policy and commercial decisions taken by the management. Financing of company's require very precise, timely planning and control in order to ensure that educate funds and credits are available when needed. Some of the more important functions performed by this department are Providing management information The financial department is directly responsible for providing management with up-to-date information on the current & future financial status of the company. [...]

[...] This contains the detail instruction regarding the cutting markers to be placed and copied from existing markers and a graded set of patterns for the style to be cut out in pattern paper may exist in the memory of a computer. The operation consists of planning the layout of the pattern components to ensure that the most economical used of materials and can be performed. LAY OUT Sample room work order officer arrange the procedure of making that garment as easy as possible for production floor. [...]

[...] To fulfill the responsibility he needs a source, vendor who can offer the right product at the right time, at the right place and help the agent to service his client and help business grow TERMINOLOGY USED IN MERCHANDISERING DEPARTMENT This covers all the merchandising aspects & critical issues Priority Number - this is a first step by the merchandiser to create a priority number of the style to be produced. A product of a style is created in computers and the merchandiser keeps updating the data in the order file TBC - It is a requisition for fabric & immediately after creating the order file to be issued to FAB procurement section within 24 hrs after receipt of order Master Order Sheet - Immediately upon receipt of an order, the merchandisers needs to open a 'Master Order Sheet' which is a printed thick paper sheet available within a ready reckon which is required to be updated daily. [...]

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