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Adobe’s Global Footprint

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"Adobe Systems, a premier provider of professional and business publishing solutions, document and digital imaging solutions, was formed in 1982 by John Warnock and Charles Geschke. The company is headquartered in San Jose, California and has revenues in access of $3.8 billion. With an employee count of over 9,117 worldwide, its operations extend to North America, Europe, Japan, the Pacific Rim and Latin America.
Business Strategies and Products
Not only is Adobe one of the fastest growing companies of its period, it has also been consistently ranked as an ?Outstanding Place to Work At' by Fortune since 1995.
To reach this position it has undertaken a mix of strategies that are listed below:

- Identifying a serious need that required a solution. For instance, Adobe's first product PostScript fulfilled the need of producing polished, professional looking documents with high-quality graphics.
- The company targeted a market space that was huge not just locally but globally as well.
- To remain fresh in the customers' minds and at top of competition, Adobe has continued with the creation of innovative products like Illustrator, PhotoShop, Adobe Premier, PhotoDeluxe, Dreamweaver and Flash.
- Adobe spread both locally and internationally by granting licenses to established businesses to incorporate its software products into their own products for their markets.
- The company has developed cutting-edge technologies based on the changes taking place in the industry.
Future Outlook

A major opportunity for Adobe right now is that its software serves some of the fastest growing industries. The new growth sectors in today's world are social networking media, photo and video editing and graphic designing. If Adobe can capitalize on the software that is required for these tasks, it can really stay ahead of competition.

The biggest threat for Adobe is the fast changing market scenario. As markets change, software has to consistently change as well. With industries growing at a phenomenal pace, it can be tough for technology companies to stay ahead of the change.
Adobe is now pursuing software and services strategy. However, unlike competitors like Google who are providing free SaaS alternatives, Adobe plans to limit the free online versions to functionality designed for mainstream consumers.

Adobe Creative Cloud is its major new initiative that will radically redefine the content creation process and help millions access desktop and tablet applications, use essential creative services, and share their best work. It newly acquired Typekit fonts will initially be offered as a standalone service and later on as part of Adobe Creative Cloud. The company has also come out with six Adobe Touch Apps for Android and iOS tablet devices to target the growing smartphone market space.

In a world that is fast moving towards the adoption of smart phones and tablets and is characterized by the emergence of cloud computing, Adobe does seem to have its strategies in place, whether or not these will help it stay ahead of competition, only time will tell."

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