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Airbus A380 Jumbo jet: The largest commercial airliner ever built

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The EADS group is the world leader in aviation in terms of deliveries, after several years of domination by the American manufacturer Boeing (EADS delivered 434 planes in 2006, against 398 by Boeing for the same year). The group recorded a sales turnover of 39.4 billion euro, of which 63% were generated by the activity of Airbus.

EADS (European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company) is an industry group positioned on the market of civil and military aviation. It was created in 2000, following the fusion of three European groups (DaimlerChrysler Aerospace of Germany, Aerospatiale- Matra of France, and CASA of Spain.

EADS is composed of five leading companies on their respective market: Eurocopter (world's largest helicopter supplier), Arianespace (European leader in space programs), MBDA (leading missile systems provider, Airbus (leading manufacturer of commercial aircraft) and Galileo (space Industry).

Airbus subsidiary is specialized in civil aviation and particularly in thecommercial aircraft over 100 seats. Airbus is the dominant pole of the EADS group, since it alone has made 63.9% of turnover.

Airbus is the center of excellence of the group. It specializes in the design, development, construction and sale of aircraft. The latter is often in direct competition with rival Boeing to win contracts for medium and large carriers. In 2003, Airbus ended the domination of the American group, by selling more planes. Airbus employs around 57,000 people worldwide and generated revenues of 25.1 billion euros in 2006.

The Airbus A380 program aims to meet a need and a demand from airlines (passenger and cargo) aircraft in "jumbo". The A380 is the largest civilian aircraft in the history of aeronautics.

Indeed, it has four reactors, it can carry up to 853 passengers on long destinations. The first delivery was made in late 2007, to Singapore Airlines, which just completed its first commercial flights.

The first victory for Airbus was to cut development time without lowering the quality of the A380. The product to be able attracted partners and potential customers. Airbus certain to follow the steps to successful communication of a pre-announcement. It has mastered the information it has disclosed to the public.

It has also created a "buzz" around the country presenting the product.In this way, it was able to put up the resale of the A380 and fill its order book successfully, and thus begin production of the product.

It also built the reputation of the A380 before market availability. Communicating upstream, potential customers were able to provide the investment needed to acquire more aircraft. In this way Airbus was able to accelerate the delivery of the new product.

Airbus has been able to strike a balance between short development time and a high level of quality with technical improvements to increase value-added product in the eyes of the airlines (technological innovation and performance that are the two key factors to giveAirbus a successful competitive advantage).

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