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Airbus - Boeing War

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  1. Introduction.
  2. Main part.
    1. Airbus.
    2. Civilian products.
    3. Boeing.
  3. The conflict.
    1. Commercial battle.
    2. The combat of the Titans.
    3. The blows marketing.
    4. 'Gros porteurs' against long-distance.
    5. A competitor for the 747.
    6. Airbus-Boeing WTO dispute.
    7. Who wants what?
    8. What happened and when?
  4. Conclusion.

The 27 of April 2005, at 10h29 the A380 plane has taken off for the first time of the airport of Toulouse. The A380 property of AIRBUS, company which conceives, develops, builds, sells and ensures the technical support after sale of the planes of the same name. On the other side of the Atlantic, BOEING, the famous competitor of AIRBUS, company founded in 1916. Boeing became in 20 years the largest manufacture of planes. However, today both companies are devoted to a remote war; one supported by the European government, and the other supported by the US government. Thus, it could be interesting to know what the nature of this conflict between the both planes manufacturers is. In a first part the two companies will be presented, and then in the second part the origin of the conflict and how the conflict could evolve and become an international war between Europe and America will be explained.

[...] It will be the direct competitor of the Boeing 787. The greatest part of technologies will be to copy of A380. The materials employed will be composite materials (easier to repair). The engines employ a part of the air which is to aspire for other systems as for example air-conditioned. Boeing The aircraft industry takes its rise after the Second World War. The United States, at the end of the Second World War, was in position of leadership in the aircraft and space industry. [...]

[...] In the line of A330 which has made it possible Airbus to double its competitor for two years, Boeing proposes its new 787 "Dreamliner" which can carry from 223 to 296 passengers. Boeing counts already 237 orders and options on behalf of 19 companies since the launching of the program last year. To compare, the order books of the concurrent version of Airbus, new A350, made pale figure, with only one ten prospective customers since his launching last December. Airbus-Boeing WTO Dispute Beyond the commercial brawl between Airbus and Boeing, another conflict, politico-industrialist that one, currently opposes the two manufacturers. [...]

[...] With blows of complaints deposited in front of WTO, the United States and the European Union hold up the excesses made by the other: 15 billion dollars of advances refundable garnered by Airbus since the entry into force of the bilateral agreement of 1992 or the 23 billion indirect subsidies financed by NASA and the Pentagon for the account of Boeing Who wants what? The objective of Europeans is to avoid a long and expensive arbitration near the world Organization of trade. [...]

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