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American Interests United: Double-Q’s introduction to the South African Market

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  1. Introduction.
    1. Interested in expanding to new markets.
  2. The current marketing environment in South Africa.
    1. South Africa - ranked among the top 30 countries worldwide for the ease of doing business.
    2. Extremely economical choice for the expansion of American businesses.
    3. Considerable lifestyle changes for many citizens from the changes which have recently occurred.
  3. Nutritious food - a greater concern among South Africans than in the U.S.
  4. A South African cultural concern - the astronomical levels of crime in urban areas.
  5. Summary and conclusion.
    1. Double-Q Foods.
    2. AIU's target market for Double-Q Foods.
    3. Brand - is important to the South African consumer.
    4. The South African newspaper and magazine industries.

As the management team of American Interests United (AIU), we are interested in expanding to new markets with our popular packaged food line. After extensive research, we have been able to discover that South Africa is a rapidly growing market that will be an extremely profitable venue in which to sell our packaged food products if slight modifications are made to our product and marketing techniques. In this proposal, we will review South Africa's marketing environment and certain cultural concerns that may affect the profitability of our product. We will introduce our product line and describe in greater detail the changes we will need to make in both product and image to produce an adequate response in the South African population. Our proposed target market and entry strategy will also be discussed, including the finer points of why these particular strategies will be chosen. We believe that the expansion of AIU to the South African packaged foods market will be an extremely profitable venture, and will detail the possibilities further in this proposal.

[...] However, one South African woman, who maintains a website about the importance of recycling, urges fellow citizens to buy only those convenience products which are packaged in recyclable materials, and also to avoid purchasing products with excess, unnecessary packaging (Collins, J.). A business planning to sell convenience foods in this type of environment should choose packaging with great attention to the avoidance of waste and use of recyclable materials in order to prevent the environmentally conscious consumer from avoiding purchase of a product line. [...]

[...] In conclusion, we believe that due to the steadily growing South African economy and the need South African working mothers have for practical, healthy, convenient, inexpensive food, Double-Q Foods will be a very successful branch of American Interests United. We plan to make a large advertising investment to achieve brand equity in the South African community, and believe that we should be extremely profitable within a year of establishment. References Bickford, R., & Mabiletsa, P. (2006). South Africa, Republic of, Food and Agricultural Import Regulations and Standards, Country Report Retrieved April from Global Agriculture Information Network. [...]

[...] The current South African interest in healthier food can cause difficulties for women, who are joining the work force in record numbers and still need to look after their families when they arrive home after an exhausting day at work. The country's main consumers, who are, as is common in most countries, overwhelmingly female, have shown increasing interest in packaged, convenient foods which require little effort to prepare. The products which are enjoying the most success are boxed and bagged convenience foods as opposed to frozen foods, due to the fact many of the South African working population still do not own refrigerators or freezers (Packaged Food in). [...]

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