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Analysis and strategy of Siemens

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  1. Introduction
  2. External analysis
    1. Definition of the industry
    2. Analysis of economic forces affecting the industry (PESEL)
    3. Industry Analysis: Porter's Five Forces
    4. Industry segmentation
  3. Internal Analysis
    1. Defining the Enterprise
    2. Resource Analysis
    3. Skills Analysis
    4. Balanced ScoreCard analysis
    5. Analysis of Corporate Governance
  4. Final analysis
  5. Conclusion

In May, 2005 the president of Siemens, Mr. Kleinfeld launched a program called 'Fit4More'. This program was based on four pillars - the sustainability of performance and consistency of the portfolio, operational excellence, quality of staff and social responsibility. The aim of the program was to achieve a sales growth that was at least twice that of the world GDP and to achieve a specific operating margin for each of 12 the divisions (reduced to 11 on 01/10/2005 following the dismantling of the pole, 'Logistics and Assembly Systems').

This strategy was based on a dynamic portfolio of management activities that aimed to maintain the leadership of Siemens in its markets. In this way, in 2005 and 2006, Siemens was able to acquire the company Bonus Energy (wind), CTI Molecular Imaging (Molecular Imaging), Flender Holding (industrial automation), Robicon (industrial automation), VA Technology (power transmission ) Wheelabrator (clean energy), Diagnostics (Molecular Diagnostics) and DPC (immuno-vitro diagnostics). It also sold its division ICM (mobile) to the Taiwanese BenQ at 300 million euros which was paid before its German subsidiary declared its bankruptcy in September 2006.

Tags - Siemens, Fit4More, Mr. Kleinfeld, strategy

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