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Analysis of advertisements techniques

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  1. Introduction.
  2. The logic behind aligning the use value with the exchange value.
  3. Commodity fetishism.
  4. Glamour: Preferred tools to attract consumers.
  5. The notion of glamour.
  6. Conclusion.
  7. References.

Advertisers use every possible means and techniques to sell all kinds of products, from the cheapest to the most expensive ones, from the most to the least useful. When making an advertisement they make sure that their product will be attractive, desirable, and that it will create the need to purchase it. Among the techniques they use we find glamor, they do not focus only on the products and their use; they try sell a lifestyle and the idea of self improvement. They also sell products which exchange value is higher than their use value using all these techniques. It will be worth trying to shed light on all these techniques and concepts in order to understand the way they are used to make consumers spend their money on specific products, and subsequently apply these concepts to interpret some particular ads.

[...] The same analysis can be done for the second advertisement (appendix 2). While the previous advertisement addresses to young men willing to look like the model, advertisers are using in this one a female model. Here again we see a glamorous and sexy woman. Her look is similar to the male model's look; she is putting her fingers on her mouth and her hear is covering her forehead, the other hand is up, which gives a sexier posture. This advertisement addresses to young women, the message here is that they will look sexy and attractive if they wear this Calvin Klein watch. [...]

[...] An example of this kind of gaze could be a woman looking at a man, and vise versa, a person looking at a car, a house, a ring, a picture, or any other object. In extra-diegetic gaze, the person depicted in the picture looks directly at the spectator and gives a king of power. Now let us analyze some advertisements based on all these different concepts, and using watches as a linking theme. There are different types of watches targeting different types of consumers. [...]

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