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Apple Computer Incorporated Company

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  1. Introduction
    1. Overview
    2. Growth profile
    3. Products and strategy
  2. Background
    1. Company developments
    2. Apple founders
    3. Difficulties and successes in the PC industry overtime
  3. Policies of the company
    1. Individualistic
    2. Dividend policy
    3. Unsolicited idea submission policy
    4. Privacy policy
    5. Marketing products
  4. Strength and weaknesses
  5. Status of the company with competitors in the market
  6. Conclusion

The Apple Company designs, manufactures and markets computers, networking solutions, software, peripherals and services. Among the many available products are portable music players which they both design and develop. Notwithstanding, they engage in online distribution of television shows, audio books, short films, third-party music-both audio and videos. Apple has its deepest roots in The United States of America, Europe and Japan. It has about 14,800 employees and has its headquarters in Cupertino, California. Apple distributes its products through retail stores, whole sellers and retailers who are third party to the company, a direct sales channeling panel and lastly, through online stores. Its operations are undertaken at a global scale (Freedman and Vohr 56).

Apple manages its investments within a geographical criterion. As mentioned before, some of the regional managerial segments include Japan, Europe, the Americas, retail and others. The United States of America, Japan and Europe are apparently reportable segments and usually do not to operate retailing segments. The Americas segment constitute of both American continents (North and South America). Interestingly, Middle East and Africa are included in the European segment. The company ensures that hardware and software products produced are similar in each segment. The Services provided in every segment is also similar (Louise 12).

[...] Apple Computer, Inc. Stern L N. New York: New York University, 1986. 56. Print. Levy, Steven. The perfect thing How an iPod shuffles Commerce, Culture and Coolness. New York: Simon & Schuster, 2006. 256. Print. Linzmaye, Owen. Apple confidential 2.0: the definitive history of the world's most colorful company. London: No Starch Press, 2004. 12-56. Print. Linzmayer, Bayer. Apple Computer, Inc. Stern L N. New York: New York University, 2004. 86. Print. Louise, Kehoe. ?Apple shares drop sharply.? The financial times, January, 19, 1996. [...]

[...] The Company was incorporated in 1997. However; the founders had to go through many hurdles, trials and tribulations before they saw the success of Apple Inc. The first of the series of misfortunes was Jobs dropping out of college-Reed College, just one semester after being enrolled in 1972. He later became a technician at Atari in 1974. Consequently; Jobs went to visit Asia-India. In Particular, his motive was to find some spiritual nourishment. This was later in the year 1974, but when fall came, he went back to California. [...]

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