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Apple computers

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  1. Increasing profitability.
  2. Strategies to position product.
  3. Brand equity.
  4. Sales of Apple products.
  5. The issue that Apple will face in the future.
  6. Possible solution to Apple's market share and advertising.

The PC market is one of the largest in the world. It has essentially become a part of everyday life for almost anyone living in an industrialized nation. Among the corporations that dominate this market, none has greater name recognition than Apple. Apple's computers, along with their many other products, are known for their groundbreaking design and originality. Apple has consistently remained on the cutting edge of technology and it is their plan to become the leading supplier of the PC industry.
In order for Apple to become an increasingly profitable company, they must seek to penetrate a very distinct market.

[...] While the majority of Mac programs have not reached this level of congruence, this does show an you can't beat join trend that Apple could really run with. Apple should, and, to some extent are taking strong measures to become more PC compatible, thus eliminating many potential user concerns and increasing sales. Another possible solution to Apple's market share dilemma is to lower prices. While Apple is never going to be the price leader, they could still be more competitive on pricing. [...]

[...] These commercials are a risky move for Apple because they risk alienating the majority of PC users. Since many people extend self image through their products, Apple may in fact be upset many PC users when it insults the middle aged man known as the PC in the commercials (class slides 2006). This is not the best way to target PC users and future customers. According to Lindsay Detrick, a University of Oklahoma Senior, commercials are amusing but manage to turn me away from the Apple brand in general.? While current Apple users must certainly enjoy the ad, this niche could be served through more selective mediums (like a Podcast) so as to avoid alienating or insulting potential consumers. [...]

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