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Brand strategies

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  1. Introduction.
  2. Country of origin.
    1. American culture, Japan, Denmark and France.
  3. Corporate Identity.
    1. Packaging.
    2. The design manual
    3. Brand name styles.
    4. Brands become generic terms.
    5. Misguided brands.
    6. Brand name criteria.
  4. Brand strategies and structures.
    1. Monolithic.
    2. Endorsement.
    3. Multi-branding.
  5. Cultural Differences and some avoidable errors.
  6. Conclusion.
  7. References.

You can build a business without a factory, without offices and without a staff, but you can not build a business without clients. The corollary is that clients are the only reason you are in business in the first place. And marketing is about finding and keeping people to buy and consume your products and services, and to come back regularly for more. For example, AON, an insurance company recently surveyed 2000 companies, the risk to the reputation was seen as their ?single biggest business hazard?. Brand images have to be nurtured. They are infinitely vulnerable to consumer tastes and attitudes which can be turned off at the slightest hint of scandal, corruption, ?creative? accounting, quality problems, product recalls, unscrupulous overseas suppliers. International Brand marketing is totally concerned with people and therefore with culture and diversity. The culture of the national brand rubs off on the image of a country's products, expressed usually as ?Country of Origin? (COO).

[...] Multi- branding (of Fast Moving Consumer Goods) When the Brand acts like a Company P & Brands with numerous line extensions, Oil of Olay Tide resemble large corporations. Ariel, Crest, Pantene, Vidal Sasson, Cover Girl, Max Factor, Pampers, Mr Clean, etc are now developing their ranges of ?endorsed? products and usually line extensions, Mr Propre has brand extended into laundry detergents. M&Ms sponsor educational programmes under M&M brand name, and not the Mars Inc or Masterbrands label. Kraft (Jacobs, Suchard), a subsidiary of Philip Morris, now Altria, maintains several coffee brands, including Maxwelle House, Kenco, Jacobs, Gevalia (UK). [...]

[...] As artificial barriers to trade are eased, cultural differences are the main obstacle therefore requiring research. International research is more complicated. In your own market you are a travelling research unit! Abroad you are ignorant! Conclusion Developing a brand strategy can be one of the most difficult steps in the marketing plan process. It's often the element that causes most businesses the biggest challenge, but it's a vital step in creating the company identity. Thanks to this assignment, we can say that developing a brand strategy is depending on several factors, as the country of [...]

[...] Much more expensive brand Moony diapers, took and kept market leadership market share). Good news for Japanese babies, get to be changed more often than in US! And another P&G case, also in Japan, a Camay commercial where the husband entered his wife's private space, the bathroom, which is taboo. And finally Prell, a clear, green shampoo gel, was relaunched with conditioner in blue. US consumers insisted on return of green Prell. IKEA IN THE US Lines were standardised, little room for adaptation But Americans preferred bigger beds to Swedes, implications for sheets, pillow cases WAL-MART IN BRAZIL Iinitially stocked standard US range, golf clubs and laws mowers which held little interest for Brazilians, much later Wal-Mart adapted y acquiring 118 store Bompreço from Dutch Ahold becoming in the country. [...]

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