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Broad review of interface, its micro-and macro-environment, issues for development and potential mechanisms for improving outcomes

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  1. Introduction to the Company.
  2. History of the Organization.
  3. Mission Statement.
  4. Key Players of the Company.
  5. Major Objectives.
  6. Present Strategy.
  7. Industry Analysis?Opportunities and Threats.
  8. Internal Analysis?Strengths and Weaknesses.
  9. SWOT Analysis.
  10. Development and Evaluation of Strategic Alternatives.
  11. Control Plans.

In recent years advancements in technology have revolutionized a number of industries, even those that have been widely established for a number decades. Interface, Inc. has been no exception to this reality. The largest soft floor covering manufacturer and marketer for more than 30 years, Interface has rapidly evolved its business in recent years to keep pace with competition, demand and substantial changes in technology. Although Interface has faced a number of formidable challenges in its evolution and development at the present time the organization continues to remain a leader in its field. In an effort to better understand Interface, Inc. this investigation considers a broad review of the organization, its micro-and macro-environment, issues for development and potential mechanisms for improving outcomes. Through a careful consideration of this organization it will be possible to provide more integral understanding of both interface and the larger floor covering industry.
History of the Organization
In order to begin this investigation, in his first helpful to consider some general background on the Interface organization. A review of the company's web site demonstrates that Interface, was founded in 1973 by Ray Anderson who is currently the chairman of the Interface board. Anderson initially began Interface as a joint venture with Carpets International PLC.

[...] If the Interface is to remain a leader in its industry it must set a precedent for improving the sales and marketing aspect of poor coverings. Given that the organization has taken a strong stand toward innovation in all other aspects of its development, innovation with respect to sales and marketing could bolster revenues for the organization at a time when revenues for other competitors in the industry are lagging. Finally, Interface may want to consider the overall refinement of its supply chain. [...]

[...] Implementation Plans While the strategic issues identified above each have substantial ramifications for the development of the organization, it seems feasible to argue that improving the marketing and sales dimension of the organization is the most pertinent issue for organizational success. Utilizing this as a basis for further investigation, the following action recommendations are presented for improving sales and marketing of the organization: 1. Identify and define consumer preferences for purchasing floor coverings Utilize consumer data to develop a comprehensive sales and marketing plan that will enable the organization to reduce costs and create efficiency Consolidate sales and marketing operations into one department such that more cooperation and stability is fostered through this process. [...]

[...] Present Strategy Although the Interface organization does not provide a comprehensive review of its current strategies for market development, a critical review of the organization's goals and mission clearly demonstrate that Interface is attempting to utilize new technologies for the advancement of both their products in their manufacturing techniques. The focus in this case is on the adoption of new technologies that will enable the organization to function more efficiently and profitably. The past history of the organization also suggests that mergers and acquisitions are consistently utilized by the organization as a key strategy for dominating the market. [...]

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