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Business development plan for cleaning service company

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  1. Introduction.
  2. Target Market.
  3. Relevant Business Environment?PEST Analysis.
  4. Political/Legal Issues.
  5. Economic Considerations.
  6. Social Issues.
  7. Technological Issues.
  8. Marketing Mix.
  9. Promotion/Place.
  10. Financials.

For the purposes of this investigation a comprehensive review of a new cleaning company will be provided. The company, named ?Next Best to Mom? seeks to provide college students and young professionals with all of the home-based and cleaning-based services provided by ?mom.? The goal of the project is to begin operations in Waterloo Ontario and eventually expand operations to other college towns. In an effort to provide a solid basis for the development of this business venture, the following report contains: an analysis of the proposed market for the service, a review of the relevant business environment, a review of the marketing mix being utilized, and a financial performance analysis. Through a careful consideration of these issues, it will be possible to provide a comprehensive overview of how the business will initiated and developed.
Target Market
As noted above the target market for this service will be college students and young professionals?i.e. individuals between the ages of 18 and 35?living in the Waterloo Ontario area. The decision to initiate this business venture is predicated upon two specific issues related directly to this population: increased discretionary income and the inability to manage hectic professional and student schedules while managing many of the household duties typically performed by mom.

[...] The strings are so tight some experts have come up with a name for these college students?the ?coddled generation'? (College student While this situation may ultimately seem like a bane for administrators at colleges and universities, the continued dependence of college students on their parents can be an asset to the proposed business. The organization can market its services to this target market in an effort to ease anxiety about being away from home. In addition, for parents that want to provide their children with all of the amenities of home but cannot afford to travel to school each week, ?Next Best to cleaning services can provide a viable alternative for easing parental concerns over the student's ability to manage all of the new pressures of college life. [...]

[...] Employees will be asked to use their own vehicles for work. However one automobile will be purchased for the business. Insurance and gas will also be included. Total cost for the car purchase will be $13,500 and $700 monthly for car insurance and gas. Table 1 below provides an overview of these cost and revenues. Table Pro Forma Financial Statement Operating Revenues Revenues Operating Expenses Labor Supplies Expense Expenses What makes this business so profitable is the fact that few capital expenses need to be made. [...]

[...] This author goes on to argue that for many young professionals cleaning is a notable challenge due to their schedules. In addition to putting in long hours at the office, many young professionals find that they have very little time for personal pursuits. In the spare time that they do have, many young professionals would rather enjoy time out with friends or a jog in the park compared with cleaning their houses or apartments. As noted by this author, ?Using a service is essentially buying free time (Cleaning crew , 1999). [...]

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