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Business plan on exporting redgreen (Danish chic sportswear products) to Brazil

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  1. The Brazilian macro-environment.
    1. Investment climate analysis.
    2. PESTL analysis.
  2. The keys to success: A marketing approach.
    1. Marketing vision.
    2. Marketing concept.
    3. Communication.
    4. Product selection.
  3. A strategic distribution choice.
  4. Expansion opportunities.
  5. Specific operational aspects.
  6. Conclusion.
  7. Bibliography.

Brazil has become one of the most promising emerging countries besides China and India and counts a very large population, whereby extreme poverty and extreme wealth coexist. In this context Redgreen, a Danish company specializing in high end and high quality sportswear outfits considers exporting its product lines to this country. In order to explore the potential of this new market, we will first analyze the country's main features in terms of economic life, politics, etc, before considering the marketing keys to success while finally developing a specific distribution strategy. Brazil is quite interesting place for investment and many companies are entering this developing market. Its high GDP growth, large economy, developed infrastructure, liberalisation of public sector and many Foreign Direct Investments have turned this struggling country into developing nation that holds 2nd place (China is 1st) in amount of foreign capital invested into the economy. In last 5 years, Brazilian government has been quite stable and it seems that Brazil has a sound strategy when it comes to taking its economy into top performing ones. Government is introducing new, more liberal competition laws and it is introducing new forms of investments, such as PPP, or Private Public Property, where both the investor and government share the risks by holding equal stakes in the investments.

[...] (See Appendix Legal environment Unfortunately, Brazil is highly bureaucratic country. Opening any sort of business in Brazil involves large amounts of paperwork, there are still numerous regulations and it is a lengthy process. Brazil, represented by Sao Paulo as the largest business centre, ranks 119 out of 155 in ease of doing business. This is behind other major emerging markets. For example, South Africa ranks 29, Mexico 73, Russia 79, and India 116. In Latin America, only Venezuela and Haiti regulate business more heavily than Brazil. [...]

[...] In the strategy of the company, a key element is the choice of investment (direct or indirect) options will be presented to weight pros and cons from 6 alternatives presented in the text book quoted in the text book: Licensing, franchising, management contracts, Turnkey operations, joint ventures and equity alliances. Franchising According to a comparative study (Franchising, joint venture and Corner) present in appendix C the choice of Redgreen for its business in Brazil is to set up a franchise. ?Franchising is a specialized form of licensing in which the franchisor not only sells an independent franchisee the use of the intangible property essential to the franchisee's business but also operationally assists the business on a continuing basis, such as through sales promotion and training? (Text book). [...]

[...] Instead of quoting all these brands, most important will be positioned on the perceptual card according to the price of clothes and age of consumer (also link to the design and fashion). All this brands focus on rich people who can afford international famous brands Forces of Porter can be used to give an overall idea of the situation. At first sight, it is possible that competition is hard because of many famous and well established brands (see the conceptual card). [...]

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