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Business plan: Washybar, why wash and wait when you can drink and wash?

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  1. Summary.
  2. The team.
  3. Where do we want to be?
    1. Vision.
    2. Mission.
    3. Values.
  4. The market.
    1. Segments.
    2. Size of the market.
    3. Trends.
    4. Customer needs (questionnaire in appendix).
    5. The actual customer behaviour.
    6. Factorial analysis.
  5. Objectives.
    1. Geography.
  6. Competition.
    1. Strengths.
    2. Weaknesses.
  7. SWOT analysis.
  8. How we want to get there?
    1. Marketing strategy.
    2. Finance.
    3. Key success measures.
    4. Risks (potential obstacles & course of action).
  9. Conclusion.
  10. Sources.

The target market: People who don't have a washing machine at home (usually clients of launderette, mostly young people) and generally people who want to spend time in a bar. What they think now: It is boring to wait while your clothes are being washed. The waiting time is about 35 to 40 minutes to wash the clothes, and then you have to wait to dry your clothes. They often don't know what to do during this time. How will their life be made better? For them, going to the launderette will be more pleasurable. The service: Washing clothes at the laundry need not be boring. We offer the possibility for customers to have a good time while they wash their clothes. Nothing has really been done in this area (apart from in Montpellier in the South of France). This service responds to a specific need of consumers. Nowadays, people are looking for convenience. It responds also to a trend in our society: people are looking for facilities and pleasure. They don't like to waste time. The concept creates also a new community (new friends, place of acquaintances) and conviviality.

[...] The force of this project is related to its originality and simplicity. And yet, what is more simple than that: Why wait and get bored, if you can wait and have fun? When we asked people if they would be interested in the project, they all said yes. Some wonder why such idea has never been exploited before! This question is all the more significant in the young population because they need to see people, make new relationships . The laundry [...]

[...] do you wash and wait when you can wash and drink?. Bags. We can see that people who go in a laundry always have ugly big bags to carry their clothes. Why not proposing them free bags with the WashyBar logo on it, so that even when they are not in the laundry, to advertise for us? -Promotion plan: Sponsoring student's events and parties to create a good image around our concept. People have to feel like this business is created for them, to make their life easier. [...]

[...] Customer needs (questionnaire in appendix): Our strategy to best fit with the customer's needs was to study what is their actual behaviour and how we can take advantage of the market opportunities. The questionnaire we made was dedicated to our target market, i.e. people who don't have a washing machine at home (especially students). So we went trough the streets and ask people what they usually do when they go to the laundry, what they think about the actual way of washing clothes, etc. [...]

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