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Business report : Veolia Environmental Services

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  1. Introduction.
  2. Waste management sector overview.
    1. Market definition.
    2. Employment in waste management.
    3. Market data.
  3. Veolia environment.
    1. Veolia environment historical overview.
    2. Company profile.
    3. Veolia environmental services: Waste management.
  4. SWOT analysis.
    1. Micro-environment.
    2. Macro environment.
    3. Porter's five forces.
  5. Veolia enviromental services activities.
    1. Business to consumer.
    2. Pure business to business.
    3. Resold business to business activity.
  6. Direct competition classifications.
    1. International / national coverage.
    2. Direct competition.
    3. Indirect competition.
  7. Positioning.
  8. Strategies.
    1. Preventive defence strategy.
    2. Counter attack.
  9. Discovering and understanding buyers behaviour.
    1. Regarding small companies / businesses.
    2. Concerning large corporations / businesses.
    3. Relating to municipalities / local authorities.
  10. Marketing mix.
    1. Product.
    2. Price.
    3. Communication.
  11. Recommendations.
  12. Bibliography.

As part of the Business to Business project, a team comprising Nicholas Dawson, Arnaud le Floch and Rouh Rouh Tan Tan decided to conduct an in-depth business study concerning a leading European waste management company: Veolia Environmental Services. Following the aftermath of ?An Inconvenient Truth?, this industrial sector was primarily chosen to reinforce our deepening concern over the environment and the "knock" on "contribution to global warming". In recent years many Western European countries have enacted laws and made strong efforts to change the consumer's mindset to stimulate recycling in order to reduce the alarming growth rate of waste throughput. Furthermore, environmental issues are becoming increasingly critical concerns within the waste operations management arena. Thus, because the above company is a major player in this industry which continues to strive to respond to ever pressing environmental issues and to understand the specific processes within this business profile.

[...] Reasons for individuals to go directly to waste collection and rent dustcarts are for instance to dispose of house renovation waste which may require segregating/sorting - Pure Business to Business 23 It can be divided in three distinct blocks : - Municipal services: Veolia Environmental Services propose different kinds of service according to the local context of each organization; therefore Veolia has an offer for inter-municipal links, rural towns, tourist resorts and organizations under state control. Here, the proposed solutions by Veolia offered to these organizations cover all operations prior to collection, such as waste procedures, secured collection points sorting and recycling, urban cleaning and urban pipe cleaning. [...]

[...] By sorting out different materials in its facilities, it gives the opportunity to companies to develop cost-effective and competitive Meeting with Tony Boustok, Business manager Veolia Environmental Services Brittany 25 Onyx Activity & Sustainable Development Report 2004 Business to Business Report means to utilize recycled materials in the production of value-added goods. In other terms, Veolia Environmental Services sort out different materials to resell to paper, plastic and steel mills. Veolia Environmental Services supplies the agricultural industry by providing compost to farmers, urban designers, municipalities and private companies converting biodegradable waste into enriched compost which permits soil to replenish with organic fertiliser matter that the countryside has in producing consumables for the city, thus renewing the arable land life cycle which is managed by aggressive farming practices to increase maximum land productivity. [...]

[...] - Research and Development: The key to success for Veolia Environmental Services to the Business to Business market is by adopting an aggressive R&D policy and differentiate in terms of services and customer relation strategies. The growing complexity of waste management is prompting businesses and communities to turn to specialists who provide efficient, high-quality, safe services while complying with standards. The attractiveness of its offers and leading position depend on innovative solutions, performant processes and efficient services and manage its companies effectively and skilfully. [...]

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