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Case Study: Issue of building good relationships with workers, creating good work environments, and threat of job lost

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  1. Case:
    1. Hamilton as as a subsidiary of Getalife Financial
    2. The company employees from both companies
    3. Getalife employees' refusal to give their files to the co-ops
  2. Analysis:
    1. An 'avoiding' approach to managing the conflict
    2. A potential source for the animosity between the groups
  3. Recommendations:
    1. Managers role in dealing with uncooperative workers
    2. Collecting feedback
  4. Conclusion

Healthy relationships and healthy work environments are just two components of a productive work place. This case deals with workers who felt in danger of losing their jobs because co-ops were doing almost the same job and gaining more responsibilities. Instead of trying to find some way to confront this problem, managers chose not to deal with it and work around it.

[...] One of two things will happen: the feedback will be helpful or it will be useless. An example of useless feedback is ?Hancock employees don't know anything." The helpful feedback will allow managers to pinpoint the problem and the process of solving differences can begin with weekly social activities, such as attending baseball games and forcing employees of different sections to interact and mingle. The next step is to collect feedback one more, and see if the useless feedback has [...]

[...] The two co-op students approached one of their direct managers about the problem but the response they received was to work around them and that they were too much of a headache to deal with. The co-ops then started to be a little more aggressive trying to obtain the files by picking them up at the Getalife employees' work area. However, these attempts failed. In fact the response they received was much more hostile. The Getalife employees' blatantly expressed that they thought co-ops were inferior and in-capable of handling their work, even though the co-ops at one point had handled their own complaints successfully the whole way through the entire process. [...]

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