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Chesebrough-Pond’s Inc. Vaseline petroleum jelly (VPJ) (2005)

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  1. Product and company presentation.
    1. VPJ uses.
    2. VPJ position in the company.
    3. Place, price and advertising.
  2. VPJ SWOT analysis.
  3. Competition for VPJ.
  4. Segmentation for VPJ.
    1. People in VPJ marketing mix.
    2. Segmentation recommendations.
  5. Possible plans of action open to Mary Porter.
  6. Recommendations.
  7. Conclusion.
  8. Bibliography.

Robert Augustus Chesebrough, a 22-year-old chemist from Brooklyn, New York, created Vaseline Petroleum Jelly. ?Oil rig workers discovered that rod wax, a petroleum by-product from oil rig pumps, healed their cuts and burns. Chesebrough extracted petroleum jelly from the rod wax and gave it to Brooklyn construction workers to treat their minor scratches and abrasions?. Robert Chesebrough rented a small plant and spent years refining and testing the product. By 1870, he had received several patents on his petroleum jelly formula and Vaseline was a registered trademark. Vaseline Petroleum Jelly became a household staple. Chesebrough-Pond's Incorporated (CPI) was formed in 1955 through the merger of Chesebrough Manufacturing Company and Ponds Extract Company. The different uses of VPJ made CPI think about two various ways (jars and tubes), two forms (pure and carbolated) and different sizes to sell the product in order to meet consumers' needs. As Chesebrough Manufacturing Company and Therond Pond fused to form Chesebrough-Pond's Incorporated, VPJ became the cash cow of the company. The VPJ sales' records for the year 1976 was around 22.5 million dollars.

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[...] This is why they should be thanked and motivated through an incentive event. Distribution The distribution network of VPJ focuses only on retail outlets. VPJ sale force should target other distributors and users such as institutional users. It is thus important to aim at hospitals for example. Indeed, those would represent large VPJ users because they would place order in great quantity. They could also influence patients by using VPJ as a reference product. This could lead to consumer acceptance. [...]

[...] Vaseline is used by many types of sportive people (rugby men, gymnasts The best way to make the brand known by this target is sponsoring. Possible plans of action Product's Packaging Size We should adapt the size of the product regarding the type of consumers: medical structures need huge quantities ( 15.0 oz or even more) whereas a working girl will need the smaller size to carry with her in her purse ( 1.75 oz). The family mother will need middle sizes ( 12.0 oz or 15.0 oz) for a family use. [...]

[...] Without changing it, because we don't want to make the loyal customer lost, the company needs a more modern image if it wants to target younger people. A variable packaging should be designed for the different uses of VPJ by extending VPJ product line. This would cost money in production and advertising but it would allow VPJ to have a clearer position on the market. Once more, we don't mean to abandon the old packaging, but it doesn't make sense for consumers to use the same product to moisturize their skin and polish their shoes. [...]

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