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Chinese fruit juice market

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  1. Product Analysis.
  2. Market description.
  3. Competitor analysis.
  4. Preliminary marketing plan.
    1. Marketing objectives.
    2. Product adaptation.
    3. Promotion mix.
    4. Distribution - origin.
    5. Distribution - local.
    6. Pricing.
  5. Presentation of your recommendations.

With the growing health conscious population in the US and around the world, more and more consumers even at international level are in need of healthy food and nutrition. Although their preference for fast food, on-the-go and ready-to-consume food items continue to persist, they are also becoming more conscious of the nutritional content. Furthermore with the rise of concerns for obesity, heart diseases, and blood pressure etc. most consumers today are careful in their in-take and consider taking food portions according to the food pyramid. This is why fruit juices have become the most preferred beverage and growing in popularity among young consumers as well as older ones. In developing and developed countries, consumers with average income who can afford tend to substitute carbonated drinks for fruit juices.

[...] Alternatively, the Chinese youngsters who are growing up getting educated as well as going to colleges with the demand for educated workers are the ideal target market that Cocktail Energy Drink is targeting. They would be literate to know the different brands, their contents, variety and the message conveyed by the promotions. (Iyengar 2004). Given this trend, the marketer suggests the use of television, print and direct sales promotional mix to introduce Cocktail drinks. Television would take care of the female consumer while the print and direct sales would target the young age group (Iyengar 2004). [...]

[...] (2004). Selling to Asia. Today in ACNielson, December Accessed from: Author not available, (31 August 2004). China's Urban FMCG Market moves Faster than India's. ACNielson, Accessed from: Guopei, G. and Herbig, P. (1996). A Guide for Marketing to China: There May Be a Hidden Agenda. Review of Business. Volume: 18. Issue: 1. p3+. Iyengar, J. (2004). Say It With Consumer Goods. [...]

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