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The concept scoring matrix

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  1. Concept scoring matrix
  2. Prototyping

The selection process for new products involves the first stage of concept screening and a second stage which entails concept scoring. Screening is normally quick and approximately evaluates different alternatives so as to remain with a few viable ones for scoring. The concept scoring solves the problem of uncertainty by doing a careful analysis of the few concepts that have remained so as to select a single alternative that is most likely to lead to the success of the product (Karl & Eppinger, 2011). Indeed, the concept scoring solves the problem of uncertainty by providing a selection process that is objective throughout the process of new product development. This it does by following a circular process of screening concepts to form a matrix, rating the concepts, ranking the concepts, combining and improving the selected concepts then taking the selected concepts through the same process until a single choice is made.

[...] The construction of prototypes as designs for manufacturing optimizes costs in various ways. One, the designed prototypes are normally made of cheap materials like cartons or plastics or other pieces of hard paper. This means that no much material will have to be wasted in the manufacture of appropriate samples while at the same time it easily identifies the potential areas in which the design can be improved. Secondly, it enables the manufacturer to figure out all the required resources so that once the production begins there will be no delays. [...]

[...] After the thorough process, the top concepts, two or three are selected for further development, prototyping and testing to potential customers. Finally, a reflection on the results may involve considerations of the eliminated concepts in case a mistake may have been done, evaluating how the concept has facilitated decision making and considerations for possibilities of improving the method to enhance performance. Prototyping Prototyping is regarded as one of the important early steps in creating a new product. Generally, a prototype is a three-dimensional version of the product that one has in vision. [...]

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