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Corporate entrepreneurship as a winning strategy

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  1. Overview.
  2. Lexicon and used method in analysis.
  3. From Corporate governance to corporate entrepreneurship. Evolution of the companies.
    1. Problems in corporate governance.
    2. Corporate entrepreneurship - SNCF example.
  4. Presentation of Google's organization.
    1. Google's governance.
    2. Google's culture: Hire by committee and catering to their every needs.
  5. Success of Google.
  6. Conclusion.
  7. Sources.

To survive and to enable continued growth in today's fast changing environment, large corporations need to continually renew themselves through new products and new businesses. In some instances this involves dealing with advanced technology. To illustrate this adaptation, I chose as an example of corporate entrepreneurship the case of Google. Indeed, Google is the most famous web corporation specializes in Internet search and in online advertising. Created in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Google gets a well thought and organized structure. This example will allow us to understand the concept of Corporate Entrepreneurship. We could study the good ( best ? ) ways to apply it in a company, the obedients of such a management, the difficulties to apply it in certain industries or companies? We will see that innovation is the main principle of this management.

[...] I think that when new generation will have remplaced the old one, a really good entrepreneurship corporate could bear! The current SNCF ?machine? seems to big to be moved. By writing this about corporate entrepreneurship, the author wants that we understand more exactly that companies have to Build decentralised structures ; Delegates real power to boards of subsidiaries, divisions and joint ventures; It also involves to change managers into leaders ; Communicate a corporate vision and values ; Set stretch goals ; Benchmark business performance internally and externally ; And develop throughout the company a sense of ownership and trust. [...]

[...] The feeling about this governance is that it makes me think of a kingdom or something like triumvirat of Roman Empire. The risk may be the dissension between the members (even if they claim their absolute amity). Google's culture Philosophy of Google Company is a philosophy of success the word is: we have to be and remain the best! To apply this philosophy a set of rules has been made. It is untitled: golden rules I am just to give some of them and highlight their original and unique side. [...]

[...] III / Success of Google In this third part, I will analyze the reasons of the Google's success because we could see that this one is due to a corporate entrepreneurship strategy. We will note that innovation is the word. First of all, there is no doubt that the most important reason of their success is the fact that they are pioneer in such technologies. They were indeed just students when they began working on that project and the world just began to see the democratization of the Internet. [...]

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