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Country risk analysis: Russia

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  1. Introduction
  2. Particularities of the country
    1. The importance of the hierarchy
    2. M time vs P time :The relation with the time
    3. The women position on the labor market and in the company
    4. The Russian worker
    5. Relationship with French
  3. Business in Russia
    1. Business meetings and protocol in Russia
    2. Russian negotiating behavior
    3. Paraverbal and nonverbal behavior
    4. Communication
    5. What to say and what to do
  4. Conclusion

Russia is a nation which feels bitter because she wants to display all her potency, while she is perceived as poor, disruptive and corrupt at all levels. It is true that the contrasts are impressive. On the one hand, mass media shows us firms and of villages which seem abandoned and on the other hand, the new rich who spend thousand euros in vacationing. That's why there is a true incomprehension of the Russian model.

In marketing, we have to adapt our product, marketing mix, behavior or methods of negotiation to the country where we want to do business. In Russia it's not so easy because of this incomprehension. This country has a rich historical past, which has strong consequences on the way of life, negotiation techniques, the ethics, behaviour and so on When you say to somebody, that you engage in business with Russians, it will evoke in your interlocutor both admiration and commiseration. Russia is perceived as a mysterious and disturbing country for the French and Europeans.

[...] They think that Russia is the most important country of the world; they feel superior to their interlocutor. The Russians attitude to time means that a few minutes delay on their part is of little importance. However, they will expect you to be punctual. The best way to communicate with Russians is Faxes and emails It is customary before making a trip to Russia to inform the prospective company of your intended business proposals and objectives. II/ Business in Russia Business meetings and protocol in Russia We always have to be punctual when doing business in Russia. [...]

[...] Russia is part of the second one. What is that mean? For Russian, the time is nor lost or wins. At work, the concept of deadline is not very part of a company's organization. It's very hard to predict, for someone who is not accustomed, when things are going to begin and stop with correctness. Agendas can be changed quickly and last minute arrangements are very common during the day. But Russian people, at work as in life, are not late and even if you have to be on time with them, you have to stay flexible. [...]

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