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Designing global market strategies (28 slides)

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  1. Introduction to designing global marketing strategies
  2. An overview of global industry
  3. An overview of global firm
  4. Reasons behind globalization
  5. FAQs
  6. What is indirect exporting?
    1. Advantages of indirect exporting
  7. What is direct exporting?
  8. Overview of joint ventures
  9. Overview of marketing organization
  10. Conclusion

A global industry is an industry in which the strategic positions of competitors in major geographic or national markets are fundamentally affected by their overall global positions. (Auto manufacturers like Suzuki, Honda, Ford, etc.)A global firm is a firm that operates in more than one country and captures R & D, production, logistical, marketing, and financial advantages in its costs and reputation that are not available to purely domestic competitors. Global firms plan, operate, and coordinate their activities on a worldwide basis. A company need not be large to sell globally. Small and medium-size firms can practice global niche-man-ship.

[...] GLOBAL ORGANIZATION. GLOBAL Organizational Strategy * World is a single market. * Forces for global integration are strong, forces for national responsiveness are weak. * e.g. Consumer electronics market, Infosys software services, L N Mittal Steel UK based, global operations. MULTINATIONAL Strategy * World as portfolio of national opportunities. * Forces favoring national responsiveness are strong and forces favoring global integration are weak. * e.g. Branded packaged products, food products. Macdonald/Pizza Hut changed flavor as per Indian taste, Unilever more decision making autonomy to its local branches. [...]

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