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Setting up of a business: "Flash Services"; fast, visible, one company for all your needs

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The purpose of our business plan is designed to demonstrate the profitability and the validity of our 'Creation project of a Company' and to obtain the required funds for its launch. We chose the services sector because it is currently experiencing high growth: it is worth approximately 63 billion euros, with a growth of more than 6% per annum. Our volume of market is very promising.

According to a study by Credit Agricole, 90% of the households are said to be interested in assistance with respect to residences. Moreover, France wants to eliminate all the barricades existing with the development in this sector, so that the services can create in France the same rate of employment as of other countries like the Netherlands or the United States. The Borloo reform thus envisaged the Check Universal Employment-Service and the ?National agency of the Services to Person' (ANSP), to control employment in this sector. To profit from the government assistance, it was however necessary, to obtain a license and Flash Services had all the necessary characteristics with respect to this.

Flash Services, whose brand image is protected by the INPI, proposes various services in this field: we want to become the reference regarding breakdown services (plumbing, electricity), and also a company which provides services in everyday tasks (household, sharpening, cleaning and gardening). Many other services may constitute a future development of Flash Services (data-processing assistance, iron work, etc.) but for the moment we want to concentrate our energies in these two branches.

We offer quality services because we know that it is essential to distinguish themselves from existing companies and it is the only real value with respect to a service company. We are also leveraging the efficiency, availability and visibility of Flash Services.Our brand is known with a targeted marketing strategy: we distribute flyers in businesses, place advertisements in local newspapers, in places which are frequently visited by people as well as in the mailboxes of the wealthiest.

Finally, a website was created because we believe that IT can work towards it as a revolution in the field of human services. The name and the colors of Flash Services (pink) are clearly visible on our vehicles in Lyon. Our paper seeks to convey a dynamic and a young company.

The headquarters of Flash Services is where its main clients are: the 6th district of Lyon. This location is part of our strategy of visibility. The initial investments of our business were low; the risk is lower compared to what a company of human services can bring today and its growth prospects. It is in this district that we can find wealthy clients who may use our services.

In addition, we believe that customers should be attracted and be able to contact us for additional information or even an appointment. We estimated the cost of our rent to be €750 per month after consulting a real estate agent in Lyon. Our room was 40 m², which seemed sufficient for an office and a back room which served to store some equipment and materials.

Tags: Flash services, services sector, Lyon, data-processing assistance

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