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Doing international business in Asia

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  1. Introduction.
  2. Cross Cultural Communication.
  3. The World and Asian Economy.
  4. Doing Business in Asia.
  5. Cultural Differences.
  6. Doing Business In China.
  7. Japan and Its Culture.
  8. Doing Business In Japan.
    1. Appointments.
    2. Company Structure and Seniority.
    3. Business Practices.
    4. Do's and Don'ts in Japanese Business.
  9. Doing Buainess In Hong Kong.
  10. Doing Business In Southeast Asia.
  11. Doing Business In Indonesia.
  12. Doing Business In Singapore
  13. Doing Business In Philippines.
  14. Summary.

It is important to know the different cultures, economies and the different business procedures of different countries if we would want to do business with them. Just the understanding of the financial situations of each country is not enough if we want to successfully do business with them. Knowledge is the key to every successful international business dealings. If we don't have enough knowledge about a country's culture, then our business negotiations might fail due to misunderstandings and misinterpretations. In every international business transactions, strong relationships must be developed first before we can have successful business. This means that there must be extensive research on how one culture acts and how another culture behaves during business negotiations. Relationships can only be established if the other culture feels that they are being understood and respected in their ways in business dealings.

[...] American businessmen must make sure that they will not be in a confrontational mood when doing business transactions with the Filipinos. Filipinos tend to reluctantly agree to the negotiations just to avoid giving negative feedbacks and would usually convey their resentments towards the negotiations to a between? to avoid confrontations with their direct negotiator. Philippine Business Etiquettes In business transactions, always address the Filipino business partners by their professional titles in combination with their first names such as Attorney Patrick or Doctor James. [...]

[...] DOING BUSINESS IN JAPAN Appointments When making an appointment with a Japanese business partner or a potential business partner, it is more effective to make a personal call than by sending a letter or through email. Personal calls are considered as good manners in Japan and appointments are usually made by personal calls. It is always a good practice in Japan to arrive at least 5 minutes before the scheduled appointment. Tardiness in Japan is considered as a sign of disrespect. [...]

[...] Doing Business in Asia There is a big difference in doing business in the America than doing business in Asia. Doing business in America involves being straight forward and direct, while Asians would be very cautious and would look at all the possibilities first in order to prevent failure. There is a common problem by the western cultures of assuming that all Asian countries have the same Asian values, Asian attitudes and Asian mindsets. Although a lot of Asian cultures might share some Asian values, it is not right to assume that all Asian cultures are alike. [...]

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