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“Dr Tasty”: Business plan of a healthy fast-food

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  1. Executive summary.
    1. The offer.
    2. The market.
    3. The staff.
    4. Financing.
  2. Presentation.
    1. The project (Description, SWOT).
    2. The means (new technology and patent).
  3. Market and competitors.
    1. Nature of the market.
    2. Customers.
    3. Competitors.
  4. Strategies of 'Dr Tasty'.
    1. Strategies.
    2. Marketing plan.
    3. Equipment and facilities.
    4. Strategic partnerships.
    5. Suppliers.
    6. Current results (series of products, commercial plan).
  5. Staff and human resources.
  6. Juridical aspects.
    1. The franchising.
    2. The patent.
    3. Sanitary obligations.
  7. Financing needs.
    1. Global financing needs.
    2. Funds.
    3. Investment's profitability.
  8. Exit means for investors.
  9. References.

My project is to implement a healthy fast food I called ?Dr Tasty?. It will take the juridical form of a franchise. This fast food will propose two kinds of products ? ones will be similar to a hamburger, the others will be ?natural? ones (what I mean by natural is: local and seasonal products). The innovation in this fast food is the process of cooking. Indeed, no oil will be used to cook the food. In other terms, it means that food will be low fat and calories will be calculated by an organism such ?Weight Watchers? to get not a diet meal but a healthy one. A healthy meal does not mean a lack of taste ? the steam cooker will allow food to keep and get full taste. The process of cooking is a Dutch innovation patented in January of 2008, consequently it means we will be the first on this market. This fast food will propose a panel of services for its customers ? a person to help busy mothers, a quiet room for workers who need silence or short rest? Dr Tasty wants to become the place to eat and feel well.

[...] To make the profitability of the company in a quick way, the company is going to use 2 big strategies : the juridical form of the company franchising and the direct relationship with its local suppliers. Franchising The advantages to choose this king of juridical form are : Quick start As practiced in retailing, franchising offers franchisees the advantage of starting up a new business quickly based on a proven trademark and formula of doing business, as opposed to having to build a new business and brand from scratch (often in the face of aggressive competition from franchise operators). A well run franchise [...]

[...] Market and competitors 3.1 Nature of the market To penetrate the market of the fast food, the company is going to concentrate in a first step on the french market. Indeed, the french population seems to be ready to receive a project as Tasty?: Eating healthyly is conforming in the culture and in the habits of people. We could see it in the success of organism such ?Weight watchers?, which currently get 650 centers in France and conduct 1.600 meetings per week. [...]

[...] To succeed to match all these obligations, we need a space of minimum 150 m2 and about 150.000 euros to pay the material, the location and the work made in the place Strategic partnerships The Dutch Organization of Applied Research A partnership with this organism will be very necessary because we should negotiate an exclusive contract and then get an adapted service of maintenance. The machine is too new; we could not allow to just paying royalties to use it ( about 100.00 euros for one year). [...]

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