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Encompass online: Event management for musicians

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  1. Executive summary.
  2. Problem identification.
    1. Business overview.
    2. Encompass's claims.
  3. Online music competitors.
    1. Cannes' Midem.
    2. Barcelona's Sonar.
  4. Problem analysis.
  5. Conclusions and recommendations.
  6. Summary.
  7. Discussion problem in detail.

The music industry in the UK and abroad has been in need of a common platform for interaction as well as communication. There are two known ones namely Sonar and Midem that have been providing the kind of services that music event management needs to provide. With the emergence of technology such as the internet the dimension for an event management company has also increased manifolds. There is a need for connectivity, interactivity and highly informative platform for listeners, musicians, professionals and record companies alike. The following investigates the nature of the problem existing at Encompass a London based music conference company and devise plans for its effective and efficient use of its online presence. The strategy is not to directly compete with Sonar and Midem but rather to be an addition to the team and add value to the music industry around the world.

[...] Conclusions and recommendations Given the above analysis and market information, the researcher has come up with the following ideas for adoption and launching of Encompass Online presence It is recommended that the current website be modified to make it more user-friendly keeping the audience in mind. Encompass visitors include consumers who may or may not be internet savvy but they require information on their favorite band, entertainment and forums to interact with them. Alternatively, it would also cater to the professional's cadre including specialists, technologists, musicians and the like to take active part in upcoming programs and who require information on how to participate. [...]

[...] Encompass needs to integrate multimedia technology; value added services; information database; and services to cater to the general music consumers to attract more audience for those musicians who are interested in launching, campaigning and using their online presence to boost their composition. Discussion Problem in Detail In the course of the research on Encompass' competitors and sponsors the researcher realizes that the problem inherent with Encompass is its capability for expansion. Currently, the company is operating at a very minimal level that entail promotional and distribution activities. [...]

[...] Apart from these the website also has different roadmaps and information for bookings and participation in the events it manages ( Barcelona's Sonar The other biggest name in music event management is Sonar and their website is an impressive and lively display of the services. Sonar online website boasts of "advanced music and multimedia art" which is reflected in the contents of the website. Sonar provides similar services to Midem such as concerts and DJ hunts to participate in Sonar, information about tickets, concerts, press releases and events. [...]

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