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Google as an organization and evaluating its strategic management

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  1. Executive Summary
  2. Google?Company Overview
    1. Cater to every need
    2. Encourage creativity
    3. Effective communication
  3. Google Strategy
  4. Internal and External Business Environment
  5. Long-Term Objectives/Vision/Values
  6. Grand and Generic Strategies
  7. Critical Success Factors
  8. Planning and Control Strategy
  9. Conclusion

Executive Summary

Google is perhaps one of the most successful companies of the new millennium. Although the company was developed during a time when the popularity search engines had not yet peaked, Google managed to find innovative and creative methods not only to make search engines popular but also to make search engines profitable. The end result of this process has been the creation of a publicly traded company that currently worth more than $8 billion. While taking Google public has offered a huge influx of capital into the organization?allowing Google to better manage its growing competition?the organizational changes that have been wrought as a direct result of Google's IPO have been somewhat difficult to assess. An organization which once prided itself on a relaxed corporate culture, in which employees were allowed to bring their pets to work, is now faced with the imposition of a corporate structure that warrants the imposition of management and the possible decline of innovation in the workplace.Arguably, the changes that have occurred at Google are quite significant. In light of these changes, this investigation argues that Google should shift its focus from creating a ?perfect search engine? to one of focusing on innovation as a principle means to remain ahead of the competition. While it is indeed true that Google has created the best search engine on the Internet, competitors such as Yahoo and MSN, which already have well structured portals in place, are now challenging Google to create similar services.

[...] Specifically, Schmidt and Varian (2005) in their analysis of the Google organization note some of the changes that have been undertaken in the organization as a principle means to create an innovative work culture. According to these authors, Google employs the following tactics to create an innovative culture for the organization: Cater to every need Google provides everything that employees need to remain productive. This includes: first class dining facilities, gyms, laundry rooms, salons, carwashes and dry cleaning services. By removing barriers to productivity, Google is able to keep employees focused. [...]

[...] To this end, this investigation considers an examination of the Google organization, its strategic plan, and its long-term objectives. Through a careful assessment of these issues, it will be possible to provide an overall assessment of the likelihood that Google will meet its strategic goals. Further, using the data collected on the Google organization, it will be possible to provide specific information on what steps the company should take in order to achieve its long-term goals. Upon completion of this analysis, a formal plan for the strategic development of Google will be presented along with a review of the best practices of strategic management that will enable the organization to effectively meet its objectives. [...]

[...] When synthesized together, it becomes quite evident that Google faces a host of changes to both its internal and external business environments. Additionally, this data clearly demonstrates the importance of the internal environment of the organization on the overall success of the organization. If a culture of innovation and change are not maintained in the organization, Google will find it difficult if not impossible to retain its competitive advantage in the search engine industry. However, in order for the organization to acquire the capital needed for innovation, some degree of structure is needed in the organization. [...]

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