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Implementing POS System

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  1. Problem statement
  2. Terminology
  3. Report overview
  4. Overview of alternatives
  5. Criteria
  6. Research methods

Finish Line is a small bar with a big problem. Mr. Prescott is losing more money than making in sales each month, due to employee theft. Over pouring, over/undercharging, run a tab without a credit card, giving away to customers and drinking on the job are stealing, intentional or not.

[...] Prescott can turn his iPhone into a POS system. Bindo mPOS app lets you accept credit cards, manage inventory, view reports and perform myriad tasks on the go. Hardware/Barcode Scanner automatically populate information like product titles, descriptions, photos, track inventory. Mr. Prescott eliminates missing inventory. Scans item instead of manually entering into the computer. Specials/Trial- 30 days free, if unsatisfied with service, a representative will pick-up, no charge. Quality Mr. Prescott wants all orders and tabs entered from portable device assigned to each employee. [...]

[...] Security cameras installed, live streaming on the device, real-time activity feed. Methods are not allowed in restrooms or office for invasion of privacy. Research Methods Research methods involved Internet research to determine which POS Systems and the business establishment had a better consumer review in terms of customer and service satisfaction. Internet research also reported how long each business had the various promotions to give. In person, visits various bars and nightclubs to interview owners and staff. Researched Internet and Social Media. [...]

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